@karensuestudios's Delegation Contest - Or ''What do I want to do with the delegation?''

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So, the amazing @ameliabartlett brought to my attention this post of @karensuestudios post about winning delegation:


So this is for everyone to see - and Karen most of all, who doesn't know me!!!

I joined Steemit last May...and everything was going smoothly...
My intro post [Thanks Amelia!]: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@meanmommy33/finally-made-it-to-steemit-so-excited-to-be-part-of-all-this-as-a-multi-path-and-not-psychopath-yet-haha-artist

Started as a photographer [coming from a family of Photographers: https://steemit.com/photography/@meanmommy33/a-tribute-to-dinos-diamantopoulos-the-star-photographer-of-greece] but day by day I evolved doing everything I know: Translations, Curation, Writing, Painting, Organizing and lately...Singing as well!

  • I started working for @ocd as a Curator of Italian quality content
  • Then I went to @steemfest and 2 ideas were born:


Promo by @soundwavesphoton
A group, that now counts 200 members!, created to bring more women on Steemit and crypto ! and


The first Steem Meet Up in Scandinavia, this upcoming April, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Then I became a @sndbox member! More quality, yay!
  • And of course still writing my own blog.

But most of my time (and SP) goes to Curation.

And then - a terrible thing happened..... @ocd had to cut of our 1000SP delegation to all of us curators....

I was devastated.... asking desperately for help... How am I going to keep running all those projects, especially the curation of 200 @steemsugars with my silly 600SP ???? Many many thanks to @natureofbeing and @meno who delegated me some (after I BEGGED literally EVERYONE I thought might help...), but still ... what I got, is that : 600 - and even though it's not about the money as I mentioned many times already, I feel like my projects and my efforts are falling apart because of that loss.

That is why I ask for this delegation. To be able to keep doing what I do - contribute to the platform the best possible way with all my power!!!

From busy woman to busy woman, Karen...I really hope I'll get it!!! Many thanks and...as I always say...don't forget to smile ;)



Banner by: @bembelmaniac


Banner by: @thekittygirl

Gif by: @traciyork

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All the best @meanmommy33. You deserve to win. You have been working really hard for the benefit of this platform.


Thank you deary, I always appreciate it when people actually see my efforts !!! Hugs !!!

I think @karensuestudios should just give the delegation to @meanmommy. That would clearly be the best use of the delegation.


Awwwww my sweet boysugar !!!! Thank you <3 <3 <3 Let's see what happens!

Good luck! Rooting for you ♡♡♡


Thank you deary ! Fingers crossed !!! :)

Delegated 5 SP little, but I hope some others do too :D
If you do, leave a comment below ^^ Let's start a delegation train!
I used this: https://steembottracker.com/delegation.html for those lazy to search how to delegate xD


THANK YOU @kristyglas !!! I already mentioned you at the group about this !!! If all members did that, I would have my revoked ocd delegation back [1000SP] haha !!! :D
That's amazing and I had no idea so not only thanks for delegating but also for letting us all know about this!!! :* <3


Aww thank you! You should actually mention that <5 sp delegations are great too, as the more the merrier! Because many new users are having a hard time collecting sp :)

I just noticed you mentioned sndbox member, do you mean curator or contributer? Curious because sndbox looks interesting just haven't figured it out yet :)


yes! great idea! I have delegated 10 SP. Just because @meanmommy33 is a wonderful person, and she does great work xxx


Thank you in public as well lovely !!! <3

I hope you get it! Steemsugars is a wonderful group, and you have shown you have a big heart or the women of steemit!


Thank you giiiiiiirl !!!! And super thanks for the resteem !!! I'm trying really hard on this platform, everyone knows that by now so I really really REAAAALLY hope I do !!! Hugs !!!

With many looking to the new industries of blockchain and crypto to observe the participation (or lack of) by women in the STEM fields, it is clear that initiatives like #steemsugars are important for empowering other women to explore these formative technologies of our society. We know we retain the ability to lift ourselves and can lead the building of a community that can provide so many types of support to every member. You demonstrate fantastic value to our community and I hope that you receive the delegation!


Thank you so much @thedreamsteem !!! I'm glad to see my efforts not going to waste !!! And by that I mean, that even if I don't get it, it is so important to me that people think like this about everything I do on Steemit, it's really precious! :)

I've personally watched @meanmommy33 work tirelessly to support the platform and those that support her. SteemSugars is an amazing place, growing every day. I've never met anyone doing so many things all at once yet still manages to make time for the people.

@karensuecontest you should absolutely consider @meanommy33 for the delegation. She cares, she supports, she works hard.


Oh my God @appiepearl - you almost made me cry there!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much for your support !!!!
[I could totally have you as my political campaign marketing expert/representative ahahahahaha :D ]


Hahaha position accepted LOL


...you get too many positions lately.......... :P LOL evil -Vegas- laugh .... ;)))


Hahahaha but they’re all good ones ;)

Meanmommy totally deserves it. I had been through so many groups on discord and never felt quite good until I found the SteemSugars. They are all so supportive and sweet like the sugar!!!! I now consider them my steemit family. And I've personally seen @meanmommy33 work for hours just to make steemit a better place.


Thank you Gaby !!! <3
We are so happy to have you and I feel blessed that you feel the same way :)
From steemsugar sister to steemsugar sister huuuuuuugssssss :* :* :*

You are so good at this job and you deserve it!
hope you will get :)
We love to see you!


Thank you komsu !!! <3 <3 :*

awww! Thank you for sharing! You have done so much for the platform!


And planning on doing more every single day that passes!
As I mentioned in plenty of my posts already ...Steemit is my Happy Place <3
Thanks for checking me out Karen! Let’s see what happens!!! :)