❤️ 3500 followers Milestone! Contest: Giving away 3.5k SP Delegation!

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Hi Steemit Friends! I'm so excited to announce that I have hit 3,500 followers! WOW! I am totally speechless... well figuratively, as I'm still typing away. hehe.

I've been thinking a lot about my Steemit journey, and I just want to say thank you so much for all of the Steemit love. I couldn't be more grateful for all of the support and friendships I've made. Steemit has changed my life, and now it is my turn to help give back to the community.

So, in honor of 3,500 followers, I decided that I will be delegating a total of 3,500 SP for a month. I started blogging with zero dollars in my account, and I grew my account through hard work and well, never giving up! I know how tough it can be when you first start out, and it is easy to get discouraged. I'm hoping that my delegation can help boost your account and give you a head start.

So the rules of this contest:

  1. You must Resteem this post so we can share the love
  2. Make a post answering the question "What do you want to do with the delegation?", then put the link in the comments. Get creative, feel free to use @dlive, @dsound, @dtube, @dmania, or write a post
  3. Must have less than 1,000 SP in your account
  4. Use the #KarenSueContest as one of your tags (so I can find all blogs)

In 7 days after this post pays out, I will be taking a deep dive reading/watching all entries. I will choose 5 winners and each winner will receive 700 SP in delegation!

Thanks again for all of the love and support, I couldn't have done it without you! Have fun!


My video is at DLive



Hi, Karen.
First I want to thank you for being a good person and giving back to the community. Many people forget where they came from and how tough it is at the beginnings. I really appreciate that, it shows that you're taking your precious time and thinking how to HELP, and that for me is something beautiful!
I joined Steemit without knowing anything about it, my friend only told me that I can make money... But, I am not a fan of money, and quickly I realized this is not about money AT ALL. There are lots of good 'real' people out here helping fellow Steemians, just like you...

So why this is motivating for me? Not, because of the money. But, one day I wanna be 'BIG' as you so I can give back to the community just like you're doing here..
Giving is probably one of my biggest passions and I'm not used to Taking.. So, I can't wait for that day when I can do this! Really appreciate your attitude about this and your warmth for other people...

Thanks for the motivation! Cheers, Luka.

awww! Luka! My acroyoga brother! :) This is such a sweet and touching comment!

I can't wait until the day your account grows big, I'm sure you will do great things!

My acro sister! :D :D

I just wanted you to know how BIG impact you're making! Keep being yourself and it's enough! :D


Thank you for having it in mind to help upgrowing steemian. This delegation will really help to encourage upgrowing steemian like me. I will be very happy to be one of the winners
This is my entry https://steemit.com/karensuecontest/@oluwashinaayomi/what-did-i-want-to-do-with-700sp-delegation

Congrats and thank you for this contest. Please consider my friend @mhm-philippines as he is really deserving and gives almost all of his resources to the poor and needy...

thank you for nominating your friend! That was very thoughtful of you :)

Congratulations 🎉🎈🍾🎊

Waiting to celebrate the 5000 followers very soon 😍

Hey @KarenSueStudios! I’m the Arts Editor for @insteem: a new, decentralized news site by @Sarasate. Here is our entry to be considered, and thank you for this remarkable opportunity! https://steemit.com/karensuecontest/@lilyraabe/delegate-to-insteem-your-quality-decentralized-news-source-on-steem

This is a great project for indy journalists!

This project is something we desperately need in these times when our mainstream media is nothing else,but propaganda lies!Please make it happen!!

Hi @karensuestudios :) Congratulations for your milestone! And also thank you for this opportunity and your generosity. May God bless you for doing this! :)

Here is my writeup for the contest for your consideration;


thank you! :)

Hey, @kymio! I really love your initiative too! I really hope Karen will consider to giving SP to you and I belive you are a great example of a person caring for the grow of others and distributing important messages through the very special art - sketching! I really admire what you have achieved so far and wish you all the best for future!!

Image Source

Awww thank you for the kind words! Really appreciate it ☺️

@Kymio ... best of luck!
You're talented, smart, hardworking and a social bee... love your initiative...

to @karensuestudio for this great contest regardless who ever wins...


Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼😁😁

You deserved it, @kymio...


Amazing initiative Karen! Thanks for giving so freely and helping empower newer Steemians to pave their own unique way to success :-)

heheh @d-pend right back at you! I'm loving the community we are a part of on Discord :)

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That's awesome Karen
Thank God I have got 310Sp(my own) + 600Sp(delegated)<1000sp...:D
So Karen count me in!!!
I am so sure that I can win...for I have got an awesome plan...

Xabi! I cannot wait to read your entry :)

Yeah ....Planing it already Karen...

Karen do you accept bribe...Lolzzzzz

I love cake and puppies! :)

Yeah me to...Especially the chocolate ones....

Yum! Chocolate puppies....

@bengy I love how i was reading these comments and i scroll down and i see your added comment saying "Yum! Chocolate puppies" gave me a decent laugh. Everything led up to your comment perfectly haha :P

Couldn't help it! Sorry I hijacked the thread!

Lol. No she don't. 👅👅👅

hahaha but puppies are soooo cute :P

Haha. I will be watching

Karen, do you accept recommendations? Give @xabi the prize. He's a thoughtful individual. :)

Thank bro for putting a recommendation for me...I owe you so much, my steemit teacher!!!

Karen Sue congratulations on your milestone of 3500 followers!!

This is my entry, I'm making a cute project for my venezuelan comunitty and the delegation will help me a lot!!

My entry for the Steem Power Contest by Karen Sue !!!

Sweet! I’ll be checking out all the posts soon!

Awesome! I'll have to check it out!

WOW!!! Speechless on the ammount of followers and the event you're running to help others grow :D! I will be joning this contest tomorrow :D! This calls for a comic to tell why I want the delegation xD!!

yay! :) I can't wait for the comic! You are such an awesome artist.

aw thanks :D! It's going to be very funny, but it will take a few days to make... I hope I can finish it on time xD!!! you're gonna love it!!

took a while to finish, but it's all complete :D! I hope you like it, you can see the comic here :), plus let @polebird and @acromott know about the comic ;)

Aww nice! I’ll check it out!

that was amazing! :) Thank you, you are such a talented artist!

Aww thanks Karen :)! I try to keep doing my best, and the more I draw the better I get. . I was also checking how many entries there are already.... You have a big homework to check all the entries

awesome thank you! :)

Congratulations classmate - Great thing to share some of your SP in delegations to newer and less powerful users :)
Guess I will need to use another account to take place in the challenge :P

hahahah! :) It's aways so good to hear from you! My classmate! :) Class of 2017! ahahahah!

Maybe we should make some "Class of 2017" shirts :P?

Omg! Yes!!! Hahahaha ❤️❤️❤️❤️

btw... are you on discord chat by any chance?

This is so tempting. I am going to resteem this.

BTW, I can enter this contest. 😁😀😁

oh course you can! :)

Hi Karen. Thanks for the opportunity, I see why you have gained so many followers, you are a person who is interested in the community and has something valuable to offer.

I want to make grow the Steem value by rewarding artistic content and promoting culture in my country, Venezuela.

Here is my entry

Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to take a look at it.

I hope you enjoy it Karen, my best regards

Hearty congratulations on this achievment @karensuestudios. you really do deserve it and much more. My entry... just jumped at it when i saw this post.



Hope to get you convinced.

hahah! I love that you did the silly face :)

😀😀 Glad you liked it.

Hello @karensuestudios , I have an entry for your contest, hope you like it.
Thank you

Thank you for sharing! :) I'll have to check it out!

Great entry @erinn and good luck! Absolutely love that woodpecker and the chickens in your post! :D

Thank you dear!!! It's the coolest woodpecker! There's a lot of entries here! No surprise with so many followers!!! THank you for resteeming @karensuestudios blog so I could find her! She has some neat posts! Of course this one is pretty cool! :)

Congratulations on reaching such a major milestone; certainly well deserved as one of Steemit's most consistent and hardworking contributors. I also love that you take the time and effort to help new arrivals here! Here's to much success in the time ahead!

AWw thank you! You have been a part of the journey since the begining! Good to hear from you!

Nice entry @zoeyartanddesign! Its good to see you here! Best of luck! dragonfly_dragon_legend.gif

Hi maam, I want to join your contest maam it made me feel ao entertaining to be part of this contest. Actually I wanted to upload it in dtube but there was a problem in my connection so I jist put the link of the video uploaded in youtube. Here is my entry maam hope to be appreciated by you.

awww! Awesome! I enjoy watching videos. I'll have to check it out! :)

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Thank you for participating! I’ll have to check it out!

I managed to get my post out :0)
You can find my entry here:
What Would You Do With A 700SP Delegation?

Awesome thanks for participating!

Thank you for being so generous. Whether I win or not... a lot of people can be helped with these delegations.

A very helpful initiative. success together in Steemit. Thank you for your good intentions and concern @karensuestudio this happy news should I convey to my friends.

Thank you for stopping by!

I have not seen such a beautiful picture

Thanks for the great opportunity to gain some more voting weight to share with our communities!

Congratulations are in order for your 3500th follower! Such a great milestone to achieve. Nice to see someone else looking for some users to spread the love around!


I hope the delegation will be a help to others! ❤️ Thanks for entering!

Hey, buddy, antonsteemit just donated you a cup of coffee for your hard work! Enjoy!

Hi @karensuestudios, I love hearing Steemit success stories, 3,500 followers is an amazing achievement. I got excited the other day when I hit 130 follwers.

You are an encouragement to all of us who are just starting out. Thank you for sharing and keep up your great work.

After this I plan to start following you as I believe I can learn a lot from your Steemit journey and apply the lessons to my journey.

@strenue... I'm also over the moon with 160 followers! LOL.

We are all learning from everyone that has gone before us.

You and I can also be an encouragement to the people who are just new too (25) and I know you probably do.

Cheers mate!

Mel @coachmelleow

Aww can’t wait for you to hit your first 1000! Exciting times ahead! :)

Congrats for the 3500 followers [email protected],and I thank you for organising a contest like this, you actually listened to the cries of newbies and you realise a good way of making them happy is by delegating SP to people that knows the value of it... This is my entry to your contest.. I hope I win this.. **GOD BLESS


I know how hard it is when you first start off! Thank you for entering!

Hi Karen @karensuestudios,

Appreciate what you are doing here and once again a BIG Congrats!!!

Here is my entry to this contest https://steemit.com/karensuecontest/@coachmelleow/f1e4m066 it's on @DTube :)

My cause is to "Empower Social Entrepreneurs in Africa"...

Thank you for believing in this dream.

Cheers! Mel @coachmelleow

WOw! I can’t wait to check out your post! ❤️

First of all, congratz on this achievement! Well done!! And I Love love love love love this contest! This is my entry, and I will keep my fingers crossed the next period until the winners are chosen :)

Heheh! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the contest! Thanks for entering.

Fingers crossed, good luck with picking the winners :)

We are joining this exciting contest, here is why:

Till the contest is over we are keeping @karensuestudios in the fridge :)

dawww! hehe my face is on your screen :)

Hi @karensuestudios this is my entry to participate in your contest. Congratulations for your 3500 followers, I hope they are many more. Greetings you have happy day.

Yay! I’ll have to take a look 😊😆

Thank you :)

Congrats Karen! and I love your content!
I am still learning how to use steemit.. maybe I will give a shot at your contest..

Welcome to steemit! You should totally enter! 😊

Thanks you for sharing good pos

Congratulations dear friend! You deserve it

Hello @karensuestudios..congratulation on your 3500 followers.its not easy, i believe.
Here is my entry to the contest:

Thanks for entering!

Good luck ! Мне очень нравится здесь.Все очень доброжелательны.Я делаю только первые шаги.И видя ваши успехи,думаю у меня тоже будет все хорошо.

Congratulations to have achieved right up to 3500 on steemit. Good luck.

Fantastic idea @karensuestudios! It's nice to see what an effort you put in the growth of steemit and the support for minnows!

hhehe! It's been so fun to read the entries! :)

Congrats on 3500 followers :)

Hai karen, I already have to do a request on my blog, hope you would like to check it out.


Happy Milestone dear :)

Thanks for entering! 😊

@karensuestudios, please check out my entry to the contest. Thanks

:-) cheers!

Takes some initiative, especially on a niche platform like this one. Well deserved.

hear congratulations and I consider that you have a good heart, to want to help everyone, surely you will soon have 7 thousand followers, God bless you.

aww thank you for the kind wishes! Much success to you!

Thank you for your love to the community, blessings.

Well, i will do my best to show you how much i need this 😞 i hope that my language doesn't effect my entry 😖 (because of my nationality)

Where are you from?

I am from Morocco and I have already Made my entry for your contest

Congratulations on your achievement.
Not joining the delegation contest.
Good luck to the participants.

Congrats on the milestone Karen!

aww thanks Jimmy! :)

Sir, My reputation is too low to display in your feed...Please here is my link below concerning the How Steemit Changed My Life Week 8 Contest>>>>https://steemit.com/steemitultimatechallenge/@tuwatimikenneth/my-success-story-steemit-ultimate-challenge

Hai dear @karensuestudios Congratz for the milestone of 3.5k follower, I believe there is was Hard work for your done of, ok I will make a post for the awesome congrat 3.5k for you dear and Re-steemed this post about, to share more love to others, Thanks for oppurtunity to know you dear,followed you Now., Have a nice Day and greeting from Aceh

aww thank you! :)

My pleasure :)

"What do you want to do with the delegation?"

Me :

Congrats @karensuestudios... Hard work pays. Let the count down to 5000followers begin. Here is my entry:

thank you! I'll have to check your post out!

Please do follow me and upvote me and and it req

Congratulations, Karen. You thoroughly deserve this following and even more. You shocked me with the 3500k in your title though. I was wonding where these 3.5 million Steemians came from and who's the lucky one with this many followers. Haha!

awww LOL Oh no! Thanks for the catch :P

Wishing you more success!!!

Congrats, that's quite a milestone.
KSS "What are you doing to with 3500 Delegated SP Mark Everlasting?"
Mark E "Same thing I do with all my Delegated SP KSS,....TRY AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"

you are very lucky mrs

wow, such a great milestone and a sense of accomplishment. I just recently found you and started following. I love that you are delegating to help the community. I do a lot of outreach but haven't thought of a delegation before. Good luck with your contest. It should be a lot of fun.