Mega Star Karaoke Challenge at #Steem Schools - 30 songs - July 1st, 2018

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Mega Star Karaoke Challenge at #Steem Schools - 30 songs . HELD FIRST TIME IN HISTORY AT STEEM SCHOOLS PHILIPPINES.

I would like to express my heartfelt thank you, to all who take part and participated on the challenge. You are all amazing and showed respect and positive energy! Woohojooooo!


MegaStar Winners-070118.jpg

We had over 30 participants, some were there to listen, support and entertain us.

Over 4000 songs were already sang

Wait there's more... watch out for next Karaoke challenges

On Saturday, July 7th is Supernova Mega Steem Star at Latin America Steem Schools

MegaStar Singers-070118.jpg

Thank you very much, #Steem Schools for sponsoring this magnificent karaoke performing arts challenge, sir @flysky.

Move fast.. Join us now at discord

Watch SteemSchools Logo.gif

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Wohooo, congratulations to aaaall the winners! meow! Good energy from you all guys, Thank you dear for holding Karaokee wohoo


Wooohojoooo!! Meow meow meow! Thank you my dear for helping me out always.. wooohooo! See you my dear @chiquibencomo.

Thank you so much my dear friend! It was a funny day! Thank you for all and sir @flysky!


You're welcome my dear @ennyta. Thank you also for singing with us last night. Wooohoohjoo! We WIN Together!

My dear friend , I was really glad for share with all of you this night. We´re International Whoooo hoooo . Thanks for your cordial invitation. God bless you Amiga


Thank you for your kind words my dear friend @yinyang4ever. Yes, we are International. Woohojjoooo! See you dear.