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Karaoke-marathon continues here and now!

Karaoke marathon is one day random!
How many songs you sang last Saturday, june 3 rd Did you hit 100songs? You don't have to worry, because we will have another round on Sunday,
Track your songs, add them in, on Sunday special edition Karaoke-marathon. Hit 100 songs this time! No but and fuzz!
First time in history! Brace yourself! All are welcome to join - amateur and pro! Sunday, june 3 rd at #Steem Schools DISCORD LINK- CLICK HERE TO JOIN


How dedicated is your heart to sing? Come on! Let's have fun while earning!
Karaoke Marathon.jpg
Credit to sir @flysky for this another amazing #karaoke-marathon challenge in history. Thank you
Sing 100 songs from june 3 rd at #SteemSchools #Karaoke discord channel HERE
You can repeat the same songs
Invite all your friends
Join discord link CLICK HERE
You must be my follower
Upvote this post
Resteem this post so more steemians can join
Be present at #SteemSchools - #Karaoke-marathon will start after the Business class
Winners should create post of their experience in the #Karaoke-marathon 100 songs challenge
Important Notes
Karaoke Marathon 100 songs are counted towards final on Karaoke-mania 1000 songs challenge
Karaoke Mania continues
Watch out every day for more surprises, only for you
We will pick 2 WINNERS of the day, each will get 3sbd
Karaoke-marathon - today Click here
What are you waiting for? Prepare your song lists and join us!
CLICK HERE - WIN 5 SBD - Karaoke Mania Challenge 1000 songs only - 45 days challenge- Day #8

Discord channel https://discord.gg/ZWpsvej

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karoeke marrathon feeds the happiness that wakes together !!

Togetherness never counts the time, How long has been spent together

Ever in our lives, togetherness makes us happy?

journey of life built with togetherness in joy to give extraordinary meaning, time spent with various carved beauty, friend can sometimes give great strength in life not excepting in terms of release of fear, feelings of confusion with togetherness everything become beautiful .

Where is the best place to build a world friendship without bounds?

Maybe our friends did not believe in ourselves, but we have opened our steemial eyes to be great at Steemschools with various real life enemies. We create togetherness to be a strong family and this has crossed the limits of the ego of someone who feels unworthy.


Karoeke Marrathon becomes the best place to throw an expression

We Win together


Very nice comment

Nice review !!!!#flysky,,
That's a good work ,,
I will try to attend on class regular,,
Thanks for sharing


And invite all your friends we have people from all the World in all languages

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Good job dear.keep on.really this is enjoyful


Always we try

Good job


Yes, invite all your friends to join

@flysky are we counting the two previous 100 day challenges?


Grand total sum

Great news...!
Surely will join this...
Always support you, dear friend @flysky...☕❤

Have a great & lovely day...❤


Join us invite all your friends