🎤 Karaoke 🏆 Week 31 🎶 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes! 🎶 20 SBD up for grabs!! 📅

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LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it...

competition gettin' stiffer,

but the votes are in and...

Wooo-eee, gonna have to start getting in line! Just amazing how many gorgeous voices are out there! Really good entries this week everyone, very impressive. But i'm sure you want to know, who is our winner... @honeymoon-1611! She sang "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele and was totally fabulous. Excellent job! Fantastic singing and congratulations to you!

This was an interesting entry. Very unexpected and wonderfully done. Here is @luismarcanoxd singing "Mr. Roboto" by STYX. In true karaoke form, and holding the image of STYX, you did a real good performance! Very interesting and congratulations!

The final winner this week is also new to the winner's circle. Congratulations to @ignaciotoro. An amazing cover of "I Cry" by Sin Bandera was something everyone could enjoy. We really hope to see you again, great job!

Week 31 Begins

31 weeks, wow! Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners. Your winnings will be sent to you soon. We look forward to another week of fun and games! We can't wait to hear all the lovely voices and what songs they choose to sing :) So, show us what ya got and what ya love! Then, drop your video and/or link to your post with the video of you down there in the comments section. Easy, right? Here's 'the catch'.


  • Each week, this post begins the new contest and you have until you see the 'Contestants' post on the following Saturday to get your entry in.
  • The 1st tag for your submission post must be #karaokecontest.
  • This submission thread must be upvoted (if you would like more competition, please resteem it).
  • Your video of yourself singing MUST be in the comments of THIS post (so you can get the popularity vote), or at least a link to your Steemit post entry.
  • We will not accept videos we cannot embed in a post for people to easily enjoy. I.E. - DTube, Vimeo, etc., sorry if this is an inconvenience.


  • Popular vote: This will carry 25% of the overall score. Whoever has the most upvotes (not reward amount for the post) in the comments below, will win the popular vote.
  • NOTE - You may only vote for yourself ONCE, purchased bot votes for yourself will not count.
  • Timing: 25% weight - how close you are to the timing of the original lyrics.
  • Pitch: 25% weight - how close you are to staying on key to the original lyrics.
  • Likeness & Performance: 25% weight - how much you actually sound like and embody the singer of the original lyrics.


We have prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places. 10 SBD for first place, 7 SBD for second place, and 3 SBD for 3rd place. The winners will also have their entry posts NOMMED on by @killerwhale and resteemed so everyone can see your slick singing skills!

And The Judges Are...

  • 'Major', @topkpop has agreed to continue her passion for musical talents and stay with us on the judging panel.
  • The project brainchild @enginewitty, who just loves any and all music.
  • One of the leaders of our Spanish Syndicate, 'Commander' @sol25, is also 'lending an ear'.
  • Long time ally, @avesa has joined the fold and is assisting with his masterful musical skills.
This contest is sponsored by #thealliance. We truly appreciate all the support you stupendous Steempeeps give us. This really is fun everyone, we're having a blast!

killerwhale SMA.png


This is all made possible by the fantastic community and involvement we have here on Steemit. Huge kudos to @enginewitty for the vision and @michaeldavid for helping orchestrate this contest. Big hugs to all our fellow allies that help out with donations and spreading the word. We have recently joined the SMA (Steemit Music Alliance) Discord server and Killer's Karaoke has his own channel over there, so do join us and get more exposure for your good times and talents. Big thanks to @seveaux for giving us a spot! Music is an art and a passion of ours and we would now like to bring up our strongest supporters and think you should give them a Shout too!

Our Faithful Supporters

Musicians! Look into the Open Mic contest, sponsored by @pfunk and hosted by @luzcypher! Support your favorite artists by stopping in to see their entries and show them some love! They are now in week 75 and have been a nonstop thing of beauty in the progress of the musical community here!

Do you like to dance? Stop in here to check out @donatello and his 32nd weekly dance competition! I would love to see people get in on this. C'mon...you know you want to! Don't get cold feet now, you'll trip over them out there on the dance floor!!

Do you love music? Visit this post to get a bead on the SMA Feedback Contest hosted by @inthenow! YOU get to be the judge and decide who wins! You have to hear some of the amazing jams getting entered over there!

Can't wait to see and hear all the entries this week!

Put your fantabulous karaoke submissions
in the comments below and
let the games begin!!!


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gif courtesy of the talented ally @liberty-minded

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Amazing voice and performance! I place my vote with @yusaymon <3

Hello, thank you for this opportunity and for giving me the third place I am really very grateful and happy because they liked my work...

You deserve it man! You're awesome!! Well done, sir

Hola amigos aquí mi primera participación en este concurso espero sea de su agrado y haber publicado a tiempo. Bendiciones para todos!


Mucha suerte en el concurso.

Muchas Gracias!!

No hay de que un beso

Hola amigos aquí esta mi participación para el concurso. Espero les guste

Un habrazo y muchisima suerte.

me gusto mucho.

Very nice!!!


Muchisima suerte

Congratulations @honeymoon-1611, @luismarcanoxd, and @ignaciotoro!! Great work everyone this week! Lots of talent. Looking forward to seeing all the entries this round :)
Don't be afraid to get creative. Remember there is more to "embodying" a singer than voice! Especially if they are of the opposite gender. How do they move? What do they wear? I'm waiting for one of these pretty ladies to sport a mustache or a gentleman to get feminine. Break out those heels boys!! Lets take this Karaoke to the NEXT LEVEL. Only if you want to of course haha, not mandatory. But you'll get points from me forsure.

Anybody see John Krasinski do the lipsync battle on Spike??
Hilarious. Definitely worth a google.

john kraz lip sync.gif


Only If you wanna do a song by a woman! 💄
Otherwise, any costume will do.
I know ya'll got some costumes and props n stuff.
@luismarcanoxd got me thinkin with his funk.
I know you got some funk.
Funk it up.

Your contest was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (05.03-11.03): Win free SBD and STEEM
Thank you @killerwhale for giving Steemians a chance to win some SBD.

Muchas gracias a los organizadores de este concurso por la oportunidad.. les dejo mi primera participación espero les guste.. y mucho suerte para todos los concursantes

here is my entry...the only exception by paramore

Honrada de participar en este concurso y agradecida con el espacio otorgado por @killerwhale

Honored to participate in this contest and grateful with the space granted by @ killerwhale

Que bella tú y que bella tu interpretación felicidades!

Que bella!

Me encantó, mucha suerte...

Hello Friends!! Here is my entry for the karaoke contest, sorry for the delay but I had problems with the internet, I hope you like it.

excelente hermano...

Muchas gracias hermano.

amo a esta participante :-)

Hola! Esta es mi participación para Steemit Karaoke Contest 31 :) Torre de Babel :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Este concurso es una ventana al mundo. Gracias @killerwhale por la oportunidad que nos das de participar ;-)

AMO ESA CANCION <3 que hermosoooo!!!!!! muy pocas personas he escuchado que cantan esa cancion!!! viva el rock de los 80!

Hello to all the friends of Steemit, and #karaokecontes.

Happy, really happy to be sharing this wonderful experience with you again, last week was amazing, many talents shone, the contest is growing. . this is my entry for this week

wow beautiful voice ...beautiful song too

Thank you ;)

Hello! Here is my entry for week 31. It is my first time to join. Hope you will enjoy! :))

i like karaoke,.. I already vote yes

holaaa, no es mi fuerte pero espero les guste, gracias

Hola buenas noches, esta es mi entrada, no se si lo hice bien. Gracias por el concurso.


Hello steemians! it is my first time to join the karaoke contest. I hope you will enjoy. Thank you!

hello again here, this time with this song that is titled "You're Still The One" I hope you like it

buenisimo :)

Thank you’ve opened these pageants.
I want to know what the song indonesia could to follow the contest ini..???..

Haha. I think you might have made a mistake here.. 😁
I think im good, but not that good to win 3. place without even participating.😂❤

hahahaahahaha (=

lol it looks like you may be! well done!

haha jk, you're right, 3rd place is @ignaciotoro.
I alerted Killerwhale. Should be fixed soon :) Thanks

Mistakes happen. He probably was looking at last weeks entries and accidentally copied my name.
As long as ignacio gets the reward im sure he'll forgive killerwhale. 😁
See you around. Keep up the good work.

I bet you're right on :)
Thank you, will do🤘🏼
You too!

this was really good!! Too late though :( I hope to see you for the next one! To be announced very soon on @killerwhale's page

Ah oops! Lol thanks so much ill look out for the post :)