Kanata Cup 2017

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March 11, 2017
Kanata Cup is an annual event where the Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs that were invited get to compete. This year, Pirouette Rhythmic Gymnastics, Kanata Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics, and Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics participated. The gymnasts competed in different divisions such as ball, hoop, rope, etc, and their level, which was decided from the gymnast's talent.

There were five judges to rate the gymnasts. Deductions would be taken if:
-Apparatus was dropped
-Boundary (the red line around the carpet) was passed
-Throw was caught by taken steps
-Gymnast didn't end with music
-Gymnast didn't end with apparatus
The deduction could be as small as 0.1 points to as big as 7 points.

When all the gymnasts are done competing, there is the walk in, when everyone got in a line with their club, and they walk on the carpet and sit down. The judges called the gymnasts to receive their award. For the final award, the club with the most points wins the Kanata Cup. This year, the Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics Club walked away with the Kanata Cup.

Kanata Cup 2017 Results:
Congratulations to everyone who participated! Special congratulations to the Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics Club who won the 2017 Kanata Cup!

How to judge Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions:

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