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RE: You're welcome

/salute 100% - I'd give you a big fat upvote if Justin Steemy didnt take my Steem away!


Just wait for the mother of all dumps about to come very soon. You'll be able to pick up some nice and cheap.

There you go Dan, I've got a big upvote for you...

I upvoted on your behalf and behalf of everyone else who's funds got stolen.

Consider yourself blessed, I'm stuck with 5 more weeks of powerdown - and your Steem is now in much better hands than it was just hours ago! :D

5 more weeks? Haven't you heard about this amazing new feature on Steem called the 4-week powerdown?

I received my power down today about 3 hours after the HF and also had 5 weeks to go.
Thanks to @justinsunsteemit and his sockpuppet witnesses I could reduce it to 4 weeks.


I start to like sunny-boy - he helps to promote hive and helps us to leave steem even quicker.

But I find it a little bit unfair that he gave 64 steemians/whales the possibility to power down even quicker to bittrex.
Well, I guess it was not his intention but a stupid mistake.

:') I could use a 10-minute powerdown too.

Hi @pundito mate.

What the hell is going on here? Can anyone clear that up for me? :( Are every (good?!) people powering down STEEM now and leaving the blockchain? If yes: why?

I would appreciate a link or something to do some readings about this.

Thanks in advance guys! ♥
Have a nice day!

Hi @xchng,
well, that would be a complete book to write.
In short:
Many people walk away from steem to hive because steem now is a centralized place run by one person (Justin Sun with his sockpuppet witnesses) with censorship and theft of stakes (23.6 million steem if I'm not wrong).

So most people move away from steem.

CU around!

Hi @pundito,

thank you very much for your information mate!

Will keep an eye on this :)

Greetings and a wonderful weekend! ❤️



You too have a wonderful weekend :)
Just read a bit like where @lukestokes made a great video and has some interesting links about the situation.
Or read this statement from a lawyer:
Please inform yourself about the latest development @xchng! Especially the statement from the lawyer says a lot!
It's important for everybody on the chain!!!

Yes, they are. The reason is mostly technical: because the Supreme Overlord of Steemit Inc has enough voting power to decide every single top witness. Secondary to that because that power is being heavily abused. If the accusations of the abuse are true or not (I'm pretty sure they are but Justin Sun will lie about this as long as he lives), a blockchain under a constant 51% attack is not a blockchain, it's not safe. That has been corrected with the HIVE fork, where we all are now. This can still be an interesting community but it's being censored as heck and it isn't technically a blockchain any more.

Hi mate and thanks for your information!

First a question (you DO NOT need to answer on this, if you don't feel comfortable with it): Do you have a reputation of only "3", because of your opinion against STEEM and all of their actions, maybe? Just asking because you seem like a "professional account" from here and such a low rep is very unusual, isn't it? 😳

I already heard about the abusive use and the thing about the witnesses. But: I always thought that Justin intends to "rescue" STEEM, since here was a big censorship going on with an unfair curation-system? Hard for me too see through all these trees where the forest is lol

Thank you also very much for your help! Will try to see things as objective as I can :) Will take a look on this! Thanks!

I used to have a reputation of about 47, which is now 48 on HIVE. I am as surprised as you are, afaik it comes from some recent downvoting on me trying to help people out to understand better what is happening. I don't really care.

Justin honestly needs a narrative. Looking at the facts it doesn't match up. I think the censorship people refer to is basically just minnow posts not really reaching much people, i.e. a discoverability problem. That is not censorship though. After Justin stepping in there is actual censorship happening though, that is really scary to see. The worst of that is that the posts involved are actually invisible. What I have seen a system is used where 1 day from posting the post remains visible, so people basically contradict censorship is happening in that time "because I can see the post", then it disappears. It's technically still on the chain, but to have it turn up you need to have the direct link to it, which you might be able to get through e.g. Most HIVE prime witnesses are censored like that.

Also, Justin focuses 100% on a social narrative, what most people are sensitive to. That is how the story keeps people supporting him, because they feel heard. I understand that need of people and actually on the HIVE side there is a lot of work going on to make people better heard etc so I kinda expect this to be solved over time. What Justin hides with this however is that 100% of the voting power that has the "community witnesses" in power comes from what used to be the ninja-mined stake, the Steemit Inc stake that was not meant to be used for voting. It is proxied through a puppet account, but the full voting power comes from him. To someone else (@heimindanger of fame, see my comments on his HIVE account) I described normal DPoS voting as the equivalent of e.g. an electoral college. Some people are more in charge of others, but a vote is going on for several people. Several people vote for a smaller group of people. Everyone technically participates, but the people with the bigger stake have more influence. This is by design.

What is difference on Steem in the current construction is that by engaging the ninja stake for voting, we have one person choosing everyone in charge by proxy. In governance terms this is a puppet state. If HIVE is an oligarchy, this is a dictatorship. You could still see this as a proper form of government, but just as much as for a government you wouldn't call this a democracy, the resulting chain is not a blockchain. This is a problem that hang over Steemit from the start and some ex-Steemit developers already wrote some code to possibly correct this problem, the work of whom has been used to prepare the HIVE fork. This is why Justin is so adamant to call that cutting out of the Steemit Inc stake a theft. If it had been left in the fork, he would be able to immediately do the same kind of hostile takeover. If the people who supported his puppet witnesses in the time up to the fork would not have been cut out, they would have wrecked so much havoc the first days of the fork that it would result in an immediate failure.

Sorry this comment got so long, I hope it explains enough to have you well updated about everything that happens, and to avoid possible censorship on my guerilla information actions maybe make a copy of this post if you want to show it to others...

Wow thank you VERY much for this detailed explainaition! 😍 Will read it when I have some more time for it so I can process all the information correctly :P

Thanks! ❤️

Don't worry man. Sell off all your steems and focus on HIVE when you get your coins back.

I would consider it as Justin's plan if bittrex doesn't transfer the funds to their original account.

I wonder why he didn't distribute it himself back to the owners to avoid red tape @theycallmedan

... because those accounts were already frozen, and if the funds were sent back, the owner would still not be able to withdraw their Steem since Justin was already holding their Steem hostage, even though they could view the balances.

Yes Ma'am @canadian-coconut but those users certainly have accounts in exchanges where they can receive their individual liquid steem.
Now it is still unsure if Bittrex will do the trouble of giving either to the affected parties or back to steem because of the issue of consensus regardless of the stake being stolen.

Oh, I thought that you were talking about sending back to the Steem wallets.
I think that "Robin Hood" was worried that he wouldn't have enough time to sort out all of the Bittrex account #'s, before Justin Sun might discover what happened and somehow regain control of the community account. Plus he may not want to expose who he really is, which he would have to do in order to ask people for their Bittrex account #'s.

Yes that might be the case, to secure the stake before Justin Sun could get hold of the account again before this "Good White Hat Guy" could sort out on how to redistribute it again. So they now have to hope that Bittrex would give it back not to the last owner community321.
For my opinion Bittrex will choose to give it back to the latter because again of the consensus factor.

I don't think he's taking the Steem

Hey Dan
I have not been around for while. Did they just take a shit load of Steem from your account?
Why the fuck would they attack you of all people?

Yes, the robbed all of my accounts. They are just after money only. They took @mottler money and he hasnt been active in 4 years. No ones money is safe on Steem, it has become a centralized database run by a 3year old with a ninjamined stake.

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