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Jsun is doubling down on 17.

Okay, if you haven't noticed... Justin is not dumping his Steem. In fact, he might be doubling down and buying more. Why would he do this? Well, I think he's on major tilt. He's gonna show us, boy howdy!



Looks like he's going to get his airdrop, after all. We can't really stop him. He's shuffling coins all over the place. @binance-hot already transferred 4M of their 5M liquid coins. If he wanted Hive so bad he should have just sold Steem into all this demand and bought when the price of everything crashed.

I guess we should have assumed he would play it this way. I keep thinking he's going to deescalate. I keep thinking he'll chill out and realize he lost. I sure wish I hadn't. Missed out on making a couple grand in a day because of it.

Speaking of that, I'm not to upset I sold 11k Steem at 17 cents. That money was always supposed to be a Bitcoin hedge, and buying Steem with it was EXTREMELY risky. I was glad to get out, even if the price of Steem did moon later that day.

On the other side of the coin, 3.2k Steem have just cleared my powerdown... I'm finding it very hard to sell them even at this much higher price. Those are my real coins! I want them! I'll sell them if there's one last round of FOMO before the end of the day.



After hostile takeover with help of exchanges now Justin Sun is planning another shit-show.

We noticed some activities on the official Github of Steemit inc. that puts certain posts in a blacklist.

Mostly posts related to Hive are getting blacklisted and won't show up on steemit.com


This extra blacklist check means they don't even need to update condenser in the future, they can just push out new censorship mandates direct from China.

Thanks @justinsunsteemit for really proving our point, and giving #hive even more momentum and media attention!

LOL, actual censorship on Steemit.

Justin Sun is trying to stop Steemit users from seeing information on Hive.
What a surprise.
Where will it end? (it won't)

Meanwhile, on the Twitturd:


I swear to God.

This shit just keeps getting better and better.
Literally never ending news and content for the last 2+ weeks.

Also, have you seen Bitcoin?

It's broken above $6k.
Who's ready for a return to $8k?

Bitcoin is so oversold right now.

Gold crashed in 2008 and made a comeback.
Bitcoin will do the same.

The Fed is printing trillions and it's having hardly any effect on this broken shit show of an economy. Meanwhile Bitcoin has a $0.1T market cap and a maximum realized value of $0.05T (liquidity). Do the math.


The story of the Titanic is upon us.

It's time to enter a lifeboat.

Hive may be creating that lifeboat out of pianos and bookshelves on deck,
but that will still keep us from freezing to death.

Precursor to martial law?


Spoiler alert: I live in Solano County.

  • Gatherings of any size that do not allow for participants to maintain six feet of distance apart are strongly prohibited unless they are for "essential activities" as defined in the Order.
  • Establishments serving alcohol such as bars, wineries, nightclubs and breweries must close. Movie theaters must also close.
  • Establishments serving food may remain open with takeout and delivery options only. Dine-in operations must cease.
  • All health clubs, tanning facilities, gyms and spas must close.
  • Prohibits non-essential travel.
  • Employers are required to ensure compliance with social distancing guidelines and should implement teleworking where appropriate and feasible. Only employees performing essential duties that are not able to be done remotely should physically come to work.
  • Employers that require a doctor's note for a leave of absence due to illness must suspend those policies. Employers are strongly encouraged to allow employees flexible use of paid time off/sick leave.
  • All people with fever, cough, or other respiratory symptoms should stay home until seven days after symptom onset. Self-management of these symptoms is encouraged, but if difficulty breathing and lethargy develop, or symptoms suddenly become worse, they should contact their healthcare provider or urgent care center immediately. Calling ahead is strongly encouraged.
  • Childcare centers may remain open if they strictly follow social distancing protocols in accordance with the guidance distributed and posted on the Solano Public Health website.
  • Nonessential personnel are prohibited from entering hospitals and long-term care facilities, including patient visitation. All essential personnel displaying symptoms of COVID-19 should self-isolate until seven days after symptom onset, and hospitals are urged to delay elective procedures.
  • Populations with higher risk of complications from infection should stay home and away from all gatherings involving people outside of their immediate families. These populations include: people with chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes cancer, heart disease, lung disease, immuno-compromising conditions and those over 65 years of age. Pregnant individuals should also strongly consider self-isolating to the extent possible.
  • All Solano County Residents, regardless of risk-level, should stay home to the extent possible, and continue practicing universal precautions of handwashing for at least 20 seconds, disinfecting commonly used surfaces, and covering coughs or sneezes with their elbow or tissue instead of hands.


Call me paranoid, but I don't think this is going to be the last time I see unprecedented commandments come down from the government. The population is being prepped for more than just the Corona Virus outbreak. We're being prepped for complete economic disaster.



It doesn't matter if Sun gets his hands on 5M Hive or even 10M. He'll never wield the same power he did on Hive as he did on Steem. Don't worry about it. If he wants to hold on to bags that prop up the value of Hive, let him.

This Corona Virus shit is nuts. If the hospitals fill up and we don't have the resources to deal with it... There Will Be Blood. On the same note, the virus is not the problem. The real problem is we haven't done anything to fix the economy in over a decade except put ourselves into even more debt. Silly humans. You reap what you sow.


And yes, we did add the ability to hide posts that violated the terms of condition of steemit.com, those posts are still existing in the blockchain but not showing in steemit.com website, as we need to support our content and the community's content. Would any commercial website support a post that encourages all users to migrate to another one? No. That would not be in the best interest of the community and the Steem ecosystem.

hahahahahahahahaha... ha...

I will never underestimate Sun's Gambit ever again.
This guy is amazing at digging his own grave with dynamite.
He expects the blast to bump him out of the hole.


Is it the soft quarantine or are your posts getting more entertaining.

Whoever is buying and making STEEM rise in value, thank you. I don't have any liquid steem to dump though, I put it all into the steem-engine just a little back.

I want to say it was a "bad" decision, but it was $100 bucks. Sure, $100 bucks would be GREAT right now 3 litecoins, paying my electric bill, etc, but in the long run, well, it's $100 bucks.

Here is Sunny San Diego, it's been storming. Lots and lots of rain. I don't know what it's like outside cause I have been in since 3 days before the schools closed, only going for supplies and to visit my parents. However, we have lots and lots of new rules. No shelter in place yet, but mostly everything is closed, and you can't gather in places that have more than 10 people. That means that my brother and I have to take turns visiting our parents... weird times for sure.

My husband is in San Francisco (work) Alameda (home) and he is in the thick of the shelter in place and whoa, he sends pictures of his commute, and places we used to love to be in and everything is a ghost town. How are these businesses supposed to survive?

I guess it is time to buckle down and find the thrive wherever it is, because it is always somewhere.

Justin, you are welcome to BUY into hives. As long as you aren't doing any back door deals, then you are just a legitimate investor. Good for you. Make all our money grow.

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soft quarantine

I think you mean cornteen. LOL I can't over some hick calling it that the other day on social media. Yes, I'm going to hell.

I post all kinds of batshit conspiracy theories. In fact, all my biggest supporters in my early days were from that niche. You'll see a huge return of these posts as the situation gets worse.

The debt bubble is being inflated more and more, but I don’t see it pop yet... It will, but not now, first deflation, the hyperinflation, then it pops!

I don't know why these morons even exist in the blockchain space. All they are doing is destroying the decentralization property of this space.

I have traded some STEEM on the BTC market during this pump and have rebuys set at lower levels, as opposed to getting stuck in US dollars, I think the STEEM/BTC ratio will recede closer to previous levels in both bull and bear market.

Let's see how deep #Justn Sun's pocket deep

If steem can hit $1 by 6:00 GMT WEST AFRICA

It will reset the bench mark

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