Cheap, worthless "peace"

in #justice5 years ago

Does punishing someone-- guilty or not-- provide peace? Is peace only to be found through the government's courts and prisons?

If so, your "peace" is worse than stupid.

There was a murder in the vicinity a couple of years ago. After some astonishingly incompetent bungling by the cops*, and some false starts, they finally arrested the person they claim did it.

Due to various procedural legal things, the trial keeps getting delayed. A sister of the victim was quoted as saying "I guess we'll never have peace." She added that her family can only start healing after the trial.

What absolute pathetic garbage.

If your "peace" depends on finding someone, anyone, to punish, I would never want your brand of "peace".

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*The presumed murder weapon, a bloody knife, was found by the dead woman's family the next day, stuck in the ground at the scene of the crime. After being missed by all the crime scene investigators for over 24 hours. Yeah, "we need cops".


That's not "peace" that's vengeance.

What is the goal of justice, and what produces peace? Is it retribution, or restitution?

In my opinion, justice is the attempt to return someone who has been violated to their pre-violation condition. Retribution/revenge doesn't do that. I understand the desire for vengeance, but I think it's wrong. Restitution gets closest (and can actually achieve justice sometimes).

Peace is probably best described as a lack of conflict. What produces peace is an altogether different question. No one is more peaceful than the dead. I find that less than optimal, however.
Peace is individual- no one can help you find peace if you don't want it. And, maybe YOU feel peaceful after you have exacted revenge, but I want no part of it. Revenge is a never-ending cycle, which doesn't seem like peace to me.

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