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in #joy7 years ago

I've only ever voted for one witness and that was today for @teamsteem.

The reasoning for my vote has been greatly influenced by this one statement, not only in this article but as a recurring theme;

Steemians are coming together in voluntary manner to help bring about a more voluntaryist society.

This principle is what drives me each day. I'm so encouraged to find someone on Steemit, and be able to support them, who shares the values I hold so dear found in voluntaryism.

Will you consider helping me launch a project I've been working on? It's called the Libertarian Interview Series. With your help, I could reach a vast number of people. I want to share your story, and the stories and inspiration behind many more Steemers who also believe in peaceful and voluntary interactions.


Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it. I'm glad to know we share this deep understanding and appreciation of voluntaryism.

I thank you for invitation to this interview. I'll consider it.

Also thank you for your interesting posts, I enjoyed reading them.

Great plan. Would do wonders to get the word out.

interviewing some liberty rockstars is a great idea!

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