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this is beautiful @teamsteem Good money will recreate the world. It's like human connected AI or a Biblical lifeline to counter the End of Days mythology that is designed to depress us - and not to give us hope.

The only trouble with Steemit is that it is so addictive. Probably because we've all been starved for so long of meaningful interaction on other platforms. There's my life before Steemit which was about ten days ago and my life now, and those Ten days seem like ten years. One day of Steemit time, a fascinating place where you are watching the world come back together stitch by stitch, is an altogether different unit of time.

I literally want to get up every morning and log in before I even have a coffee, and I don't care about my previous life/work plans any more because on the first day of Steemit that paradigm shift completely turned my previous world upside down.

@ned and @dan were geniuses for working out this infrastructure and inter connectivity so well. I think a lot of it goes beyond just the coding. I read the SMT whitepaper yesterday a few times and what struck me about the whole thing is how deep the level of understanding of human psychology goes. Creating this system took next level insight.

Bitcoin is wasteful of electricity and is fuelled primarily by greed and Steemit is fuelled by the collected human experience. So Bitcoin's "gold standard" is electricity, and Steemit's "gold standard" is a commodity infinitely more valuable than any metal or mineral that has ever been mined.


We should necessarily say Bitcoin mining is wasteful. If Bitcoin can help us disempower government as it is helping to achieve then this energy is well spend until other type of cryptocurrencies can reach a market cap as big as Bitcoin while being more efficient.

You're comment is awesome by the way.

Also I guess you meant @ned and @dan

Thank you! and I did mean @dan (oops) although in a Quantum parallel universe somewhere there might well be an @ted involved so I'd like to credit him too. Thank you for pointing it out, I'll change it!

Also you're awesome, I see you being helpful and supportive to so many people!

I guess Bitcoin is good if it has been the stepping stone to getting everything else started, just at some point the energy equation will outweigh that (hopefully before Bitcoin is burning more fuel than Denmark).

I did have a crazy thought yesterday when the SMT announcement was made after I watched @jerrybanfield's YouTube film at the part where he was explaining about how the New York Times might create an NYT Coin and use it in their comments, and that was that wouldn't it be funny if Bitcoin or Ethereum themselves could register a Steem SMT so there could be a Bitcoin or Ethereum SMT based on Steem!

Anything is possible right? in this topsy turvy crazy world that's changing every day.

"One day of Steemit time, a fascinating place where you are watching the world come back together stitch by stitch, is an altogether different unit of time"

For this one sentence, I will follow you. Good luck here, @angusg!

Thanks for pointing me to another great steemitian to be followed

Thank you assayer! I just followed you too.

I've been struggling to understand mining...this helps me a lot! Thanks.

I feel you on life before and after steemit. I've been spending lots of time on facebook and ever since I found steemit, i've been spending less and less time on facebook and more and more time on steemit. :)
I think that because users are rewarded for their posts here, they are more insightful and worth reading.

I agree with your comment about Bitcoin but Bitcoin has other flaws too. Bitcoin value can be manipulated just like the recent split to another version of Bitcoin by changing the algorithm of it.

Bitcoin started out great but it has reached its peak and is going downhill now.

Bitcoin can easily be controlled by the government too because since the US government prints infinite amount of money, it can also print money to monopolize Bitcoin to buy a bunch and force a crash when they unload the large amount in a short period of time creating a panic attack!

Again: so inspiring comment, @angusg!

But I think End of Days mythology is today so depressing and shallow mostly because it's very old and sick from so many long centuries of so-called Delay of the Parusia. Early believers were different. Also, it doesn't matter so much if it is first century (Christian Basileia society) or XXI century (Steemit blockchain society).

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