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By now, on this journey, I've said a few things that could easily be taken the wrong way. This, by the way, is almost akin to a character trait (or flaw, if you prefer) of mine.

Now, people will take things however they take things, based on what they know about you, and the extent to which they understand you. Basically, there's no working around that unless the people in question are open to changing their listening of you.

Even so, I thought it might be worth clearing up a few things, especially after yesterday's rather raw, emotional posting.

Here's what I wish to say on that, regardless of how this might ultimately be interpreted.

The Last 5 Months Have Neither Been Total Hell Nor Entirely Unintentional

Prior to moving out of my basement suite in Abbotsford, I already had thoughts of living nomadically for a while. It was never meant to be a permanent solution to a long-term problem, but in the short term, I thought it could be fun to live out of Airbnbs.

I mean, let's review the facts... I've been talking about traveling since 2019, almost nonstop!

To say that this journey began with no intention, that I didn't have a plan, is to completely miss the part I played in creating current circumstances.

No, I didn't plan for brushes and encounters with rental scams, card issues, lawsuits, consumer proposals, or car troubles. But in a way, that only leveraged me further into nomadic living, not the other way around. I also wasn't desperate to get back to finding another place after nearly losing a substantial sum of money, and maybe even all my belongings. I needed to process the situation before I could even begin looking again.

But it hasn't all been bad. Most of it honestly hasn't been "bad" in any tangible way I could articulate. I've met some great people, made some friends, and got to familiarize myself with Lower Mainland even more. Perhaps, most importantly, I've gained a lot of experience as a digital nomad. I'm discovering that it's a unique lifestyle with its own quirks and challenges, but to say there has been no enjoyment on the journey is to negate the thrill, excitement, and fun I've had.

Yes, I've also had some lows. But the lows in my updates have been exaggerated to the greatest extent possible, because...

The More Drama, the Better

I kind of hate to spell out the intention and strategy behind my daily posting efforts, but perhaps it needs to be said.

We all know the hallmarks of bad TV. A lack of thematic focus. No character development. Bad acting. Bad production value. No ups and downs in the progression of the story. A story that grinds to a halt and goes nowhere. And so on.

A show can still have a certain charm if the story is worth telling and the characters are worth following, regardless of focus, themes, or production value. But most should be ready to admit that there's nothing inherently interesting about people standing around talking, which is literally what happens in most shows. Importantly, something needs to happen for it to be interesting.

The protagonist needs to go through some challenges. They need to experience some highs and lows. And the more exaggerated the roller-coaster ride, the more addicting the show. It's honestly the premise of most drama-fueled reality TV, which ironically has no basis in reality whatsoever. Everything is scripted.

Writing in a calm, level-headed manner can inhibit the development of great content. One of my most engaged posts on Medium was a rant, plain and simple. So, I saw no point in holding back. Like Howard Stern, I needed to come out from under expectation to become who I am, to do things on my own terms, away from anyone's opinion.

So far, it has done shit all for my visibility on Steemit, but that's a whole other matter.

I Still Want Your Support

I think I can say with some confidence that this has been the most authentic part to my sharing.

Now, I'm not looking for any new clients. I don't want more clients. I don't much like the clients I have, and I can't imagine any new clients I got would be any better. I have a mountain of work I don't even want to do but must engage in each week.

But I still have big goals and big plans. There's much I seek to accomplish, whether as a musician, author, speaker, or otherwise.

It's nice to know that people are reading. But what really makes a difference is knowing that people are being impacted. They're changing because of what I've created. They value it.

This, I think, is what ultimately shows up as subscribers and sales figures. And I know I'm offering a fuck ton of value, because I hit it hard. Every. Single. Day.

So, the only thing missing is your participation. Will you take your day to the limit, or will you keep sitting on the sidelines as life passes you by? It's time for a reality check. Wake up and smell the scent of hard-hitting truth.

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