The Free Thought Project News And Journalism Joins Steemit

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Hello, Steemit! The Free Thought Project team is happy to announce that we have joined this new social media experiment, in hopes of helping to build a censorship free platform. Over the past few weeks we have been watching Steemit grow, and at the same time we have been dealing with increasingly intense censorship from Facebook.

In fact, we were recently banned from posting for 7 days due to their automatic censorship practices.

It is the mission of the Free Thought Project to foster the creation and expansion of liberty minded solutions to modern day tyrannical oppression. We feel that the internet has given way to a revolution of consciousness by providing for the massive and instantaneous exchange of information across the globe.

The Free Thought Project feels that the internet is a place that can either ruin or expand the minds of individuals and that choice is up to you. Hateful and obstinate ideologies cloud the web and often the minds of those who can’t see through them. We want to change this paradigm by providing a beacon of truth amongst all the lies.

The Free Thought Project is a place for people to come together, who don’t necessarily agree on all topics, but who want to see a brighter, freer, and more sustainable future for humanity.

The Free Thought Project is dedicated to holding those who claim authority over our lives accountable.

As John Dalberg-Acton famously stated:

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

This tendency of power corrupting can be seen from the local postal worker all the way to the President, and in other countries across the planet. Those of us at the Free Thought Project have dedicated our lives to shining light into the darkness of these corrupt entities as we believe sunlight to be the best disinfectant. We do this to help foster a more peaceful world for our children and the children of generations to come.

We value our readers and will frequently and peacefully interact with visitors to this page. If you are new to our site, a good starting point can be found at this link:

All too often, the naysayers in the peanut gallery will tend only to point out the negative aspects of a problem and never provide a working solution. Well, the Free Thought Project feels different, which is why we’ve compiled a database of articles with potential solutions to humanity’s vast array of problems.

This list is by no means comprehensive, and we always value input from our readers. Please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or our Facebook page.

All topics are open for discussion, we simply ask that you keep the conversations as cordial as possible. We believe hate and vitriol only add to the already overwhelming amount of negativity in this world. If you want to see a more peaceful world, this peace starts with you.

The Free Thought Project was founded in 2013 by Jason Bassler and Matt Agorist. Bassler and Agorist have been activists for more than a decade and have been working in the alternative media for several years. The rest of our team consists of highly experienced journalists and content creators from all different backgrounds and our family spreads from California to New York.

We have been featured on many mainstream networks around the world. However, this does not mean we are funded, or otherwise supported by any of these behemoths. Up until recently, the Free Thought Project was supported by ad revenue alone. However, we’ve recently launched an ad-free version of the site that is member supported. 

- The Staff At


and at the same time we have been dealing with increasingly intense censorship from Facebook.
In fact, we were recently banned from posting for 7 days due to their automatic censorship practices.

As a community, we should be exploiting the hell out of this.

Welcome to the party, @tftproject. Throw your purse or jacket or whatever on the bed in the back.

We have finger food!

I spent time in chat trying to drum up excitement but not many were that excited. I'm very glad to see the welcome I believe they should have received

As did I. I got home last night and it was at 9 cents after 10 hours. Hence my comment below. I posted about them on my own blog, too. They do great work. It would have been a shame not to show them any love. We need to do a better job of spotting diamonds like these guys, instead of letting people keep going back to the well without offering anything new.

Big fan of your guys work, welcome to steemit.

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Hi there @tftproject! I just wanted to let you know that my new post "The 40 anarchists you want to follow on Steemit!" is up, and you're on the list :-) You can find it here

Wow, I thought it would be longer before you came, I'm happy I was wrong.

You guys do some good work, and I've been a reader for years. I look forward to continuing that here. I came for the lack of censorship, too!

Upvoted and followed, no-brainer!

Have yet to see anything as promising as this, ever. Steemit can be the future.

It really can. I hope you find a welcoming place here, I still can't believe this post hasn't mooned. I wish I could vote over and over.

I, for one applaud you for joining steemit!

Glad to see some of my favorites are here. I'm new and so far, this is a pretty cool idea.

This is fabulous! :)

ftp is a red pill dispensing vending machine - Dave

Im a huge fan!;)

Welcome to Steemit TFTP!

Welcome, fictional entity. ;)

how much do free thoughts cost?

nice to see you here welcome :-)

I received a 24 hour ban and then a 3 day ban on Facebook in February for speaking the truth. I hate censorship and think the 1st amendment does apply to the interment so I decided to hop on the steem it train choo choo full speed ahead. I am finding this site a little hard to navigate but I am confident I will learn.

Fecesbook is really horrible, I just had to write an article about it:

I am SO happy to see you guys here! I follow you on Facebook and after this latest round of gagging you, I kept wondering how long before they'd do it again. Now I don't have to worry. :)

Welcome to Steemit! It's good to see you here! :)

Welcome to this great community! Let's continue to fight against censorship.

👍welcome, nice post @tftproject

Nice post n project .. 👍

Wow.. great post.. upvote for u!

Censorship on Facebook? That must be a conspiracy theory, I'm sure they value freedom of speech and never censor anybody... especially liberty lovers

Excelente, Me gusta lo que han publicado. Fuerza.

Welcome to steemit. Journalism has changed over the past two decades for the worse. A few decades ago, journalism could be used to empower the people, however, this is no longer the case. Currently mainstream media is nothing more than a tool used by the 1% to flood the world with negative information which in turn fuels fear and anger and turns people against one another. Thank you for offering common sense solutions that come from a place of love for one's neighbor, something so rarely seen in today's world. Teaching people to critically analyze the information that's coming at them via the news, the internet or any other form of media communication is a step in the right direction. Thank you.

I'm glad to see you here. I'm a little shocked that this announcement has flown under the radar. I hope that you don't let that discourage you and continue to publish your content here, as I hope it will grow to be a great platform for independent media such as yourselves.

EDIT: Looks like shortly after this comment your post received some well deserved attention. :)

@tftproject I go by Supreme_Elo_him on IG,and I've reposted some of your content. Very Informative and Inspirational; Welcome!
Maybe you can make a post and\or article\video explaining to the IG Family, which tbh is more amorous and supportive to JOIN STEEMIT!
We need to spread word of this hybrid Crypto-currency, No-Censorship-Blockchain Technology to the leaders of those movements and get them active here aswell! I believe this will be the easiest way to get the Movements Leadership to join the Coming Revolution which in turn will introduce the Decentralized aspects of the Future to their based allowing. them to maximize and leverage their followership whilst exposing themselves to a brand new active audience.
Thank You Guys and Keep It Up,

Supreme Elo-Him


It was a comment on one of your posts on Facebook that led me here 3 weeks ago. Glad you decided to check it out.

Fantastic! Yet another outlet for liberty joining the fray here on Steemit. Come on in and stay a while. Take advantage of free and open discussion! :D