I'm sorry that you're hurting and I know the struggle is intense. I powered up $7 today and $5 yesterday. Do what your body enabled you, my friend.

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Thank you for stopping in...we need to catch up sometime. I wouldn't truly be me...if only doing what my body enabled were enough. Striving for more can be a useful sort of fire...but at times it also makes me feel broken. You understand this... <3

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I like to read rambling thoughts with a loose point. They are kind of authentic and, I don't know, is good to remember that is normal to have them from time to time. I'm new here, one month of steemit age, and i can identify with some of the things you wrote.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it...and welcome to the platform! Always good to meet artists. Being an introvert...rambling thoughts never stop...but they sometimes make just enough sense to share... :D

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Pretty intense what I read here. I wish you much less pain and a lot of very good days! I'm too familiar with all that. If pain breaks through the personal tolerances it tends to dominate everything.

Your reflections on your STEEM engagement are kind of sobering too. Wow... putting in all that work and seeing not much for it... that's though. I hope that takes a turn for the better too.

In regards to SPUD I've also powered up some yesterday. I like that initiative and I've seen a lot of Steemians take part in it.

I wish you a great day!

When initially picking out the cheery title and the cover image...words of intensity weren't the main intention. Somehow they just came out all weird and jumbled that Thank you very much for your support...I am sure things will get better. Just don't know what to do about being worn so thin in the meantime. Some sort of mental and emotional break is probably on the horizon.

Hey @creativesoul!

I wish you all the best that’s for sure! Maybe you can push that emotional/mental tension aside a little!

Have a great weekend!


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I hope you will be able to get your medicine soon @creativesoul, pain is not fun, and the kind of pain you have is not something I've ever had, which I'm thankful for, best wishes to you.

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