Now that is a Christmas tree!

Resteem it 3 of your last post and upvoted to +650 steemians @dumitriu.
If you have time come on #dumitriu and #steemsysndicate my partner to see us.
Thank you!

hahahaha i Enjoy this,,,,

I like bottles can make tree. In bottle also can plant grapes seeds.

Very original

Best christmas tree i ever seen in my whole life @sydesjokes

very cool ;-)

Why jokes? Not real bottles? 😆😍
I'm tweeting even there's no instruction. 😜

Not bad looking tree.

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Somebody was Thirsty!

Upvote & resteem

Where can I buy a skeleton of such a tree?

I'll take the Mistletoe !

what a beauty and creation .....bottle.....

Now that is a great idea for storing all the bottles, then off to the recycle bin @sydesjokes

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@beerbot now you are flagging a Twitter Intent link!!!

Awesome!!! so cool😉 its a wine christmas. Lol

That's Really Superb Christmas Tree!!

I should do that. I make my own wine!

Nice christmas tree.

such a amazing tree of bottle geat ... how they just managed ..

idk but i need a drink rigth now lol ... how did you do that hahaha its so cool like hey u want a dink? i have a tree!

I should make a mini version of this wine bottle tree.

great post
great style

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