Sants and Irfan jokes-3

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coollogo_com-147471519.pngWhile going to the street, SANTA Bhikari voiced it - BGG, will you get bread?

Irfan's voice from inside I-Biwi is not at home.
Saints Beggar- You do not ask for a cloth, You can also give the bread.

CCTV by the police on major intersections in the city. The cameras were installed so that the police could well protect the citizens.
But people just find their comfort in this.

Similarly, one day Sunita called in the police control room early in the morning.

Saints- Hello, I wanted your help!

In the control room, Irfan-G tell us what can we do for you? We are here to help you.

Saints - do your CCTV Is the camera working fine?

Irfan in the control room - Yes, absolutely

Saints- is there any street in it?

Irfan- Yes, it looks.

Saints - is the street behind them too?

Irfan-ji janab! What is the matter? What help do you need?

Saints- Did not you see, seeing a little-known store or opened?

Srata Boss with his employee Irfan- you have disappeared for two hours, where did you go?

Irfan- Sir, I went to the haircut.

Saints- haircut? At work time in the office?

Irfan-g Sir!

Saints- But why? Why at work time?

Irfan- grow in my office .. so cut off at the office!

Saints- But your hair grows even when you live at home?

Irfan-ji sir .. I know .. That is why they were cut as many as they had grown up in the office, the hair which was grown in the house, they did not cut, came not bald!

A police inspector Irfan was thrashing at a police station in a criminal and was threatening repeatedly -
'Haraajadade ... Today, I will put you in two by four false cases ... eight-ten years will not come out !!!'

Then, on the mobile phone of Inspector Irfan, it was reported that he had a son.

Inspector stopped the beating of the accused and told this good news to his fellow policemen - Setho, my wife Salma has given birth to the son !!!

Suddenly the criminals began to shout loudly crying -
'Put it ... put it ... put it ... put it ...'
Now let's put this case on me only ....... !! "

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