Pappu and Irfan jokes- 2

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coollogo_com-147471519.pngPappu from his Abu Irfan- Abbu Abbu, was the marriage of you and Ami, did not you?
Irfan- Yes. But how do you know?
Pappu- There is a difference of 5 months on the date of your marriage and birth!
If you understand that the cloak clap, the rest of the children see Pogo!

Irfan had a gas disorder. He was very upset, did not come anywhere or did not go anywhere.

Once for some reason she had to go to her sister's house. On my way to my sister's house, I started thinking that a 5 year old nephew is Pappu, what should I take for her?

Then took a biscuit packet with cream from a shop.

As soon as he reached home, Pappu saw him coming near 'Mama came, Mama came'.

Mama Irfan leapt out of pocket after taking out the biscuit and gave it to give it, gas came out with a loud voice.

Now the trouble happened.

The 5-year-old kid pumped the pappu biscuit and started crying on the ground.

Irrfan raised him and asked- What happened, why are you crying?

Then Pappu started crying loudly.

Irrfan took her in her arms and asked with love- what son want, why are you crying?

Pappu cried crying: We do not want a biscuit, you need whistle which you just played.

Pappu calls live FM radio station ...

Pappu- Hello, this radio station is not it?

Radio Jockey Irfan - Yes Yes

Pappu- My voice is listening to the whole city, is not it?

Jockey Irfan - Yes.

Pappu- that is, who is my sister in the house, she will also be listening to the radio?

Radio Jockey Irfan angry-yes yes!

Pappu-hello rajjo! If I'm listening to my voice, then quickly run the motor. I am in the bathroom on the terrace and the water is over ...

Pappu Pathan used to say on every thing - God could have done worse, worse than that.

All his friends were very upset about this. One day, all of them made a story together, which was hard to get worse.

Irfan, a friend of Pappu, made a face-hard face and said, "Man, it's very bad yesterday."

Pappu- Why did this happen?

Irfan-yar yesterday when my neighbor came home, his wife was celebrating with a non-man, she loved it. Seeing this, Santa got angry and froze both with bullets and then shot himself.

Pappu Pathan - Well done, could be worse than that.

Irrfan irritating - what could have been worse than this?

Pappu Pathan- If this was an episode of the day, then there would be a name for those who died!

Scientist Irfan and a child Pappu sat in the airplane.

Irfan- Talk something, time passes.

Pappu- on which subject?

Irfan - On nuclear power!

Pappu- Well, but first answer me a question that when the goat, buffalo and donkey eat all three grasses,

Then why the goat lind is so small?

Why so long a buffalo

And why does the donkey have such a long time?

Irfan- what the fuck is this, nonsense, I do not know!

Pappu-Bhosari, know that you do not belong to cocks, and things are the nukalir pawn ki?

Pappu went to give a job interview.

He was asked - When did India free?

Pappu said that the effort had begun much earlier, but the success was achieved in 1947 ...

Then Pappu was asked - Whose role was important in getting freedom?

He replied - There was a lot of people contributing in this, whom should I name the name? If you tell the name of any one, then there will be injustice with others.

The next question was - what can be the biggest way of our country's progress?

Pappu's answer- This is being investigated.

Interputer was very pleased with Pappu's original answers He asked Pappu to go and also said that he should not ask other candidates sitting outside because this question will be asked to all.

When Pappu came out, the other candidates asked him about the questions asked.

Pappu refused to ask any questions.

Then one of them said Irfan- If the question can not be told, then answer the answer.
Pappu only gave the answers.

Now Irfan's turn came in the interview.

Interrupted by Irfan- What is your date of birth?

Irrfan - The effort had begun very early, but the success was achieved in 1947 ...

Interposed Confucius, he asked the next question- what is your father's name?

Irfan- There was a lot of people's contribution in this, whom should I name the name? If you tell the name of any one, then there will be injustice with others.

Intermediate was stunned, she said - have you gone mad?

Irfan- Investigations about this are going on.

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पत्नी सविता- अगर मेरी शादी किसी राक्षस से भी हो जाती तो मैं इतनी दुखी ना होती।

पति प्रकाश- लेकिन जानू, खून के रिश्ते में शादियाँ नहीं होती।

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