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coollogo_com-147471519.pngGet started with a chest by coming out of college

Wow wow !

When you get out of college, you book the chest,
What are we dead who suppress themselves ?!

Very good friend

Suddenly became special to me

Life was full of cabbage

Got passed in pregnancy test!

When your name comes on Jubba,
By swearing this hand goes down,
I will not be able to live without you,
Once you want to get it done,
Otherwise, I will die by shaking!

Ghalib requested his wife to fuck ... ....
Begum whenever we fuck ... you step!
Do you respond to this!

The woman is nervous about the depth of her pussy,
So we too have a long pound of our cocks!
If her pussy is Shabnam's shawab,
So our cocks are also the nawab of Lucknow!

We used to arrange the Armaan in my heart

Will open the door of his salwar

Will open his bra's hook

Will pull his penty's elastic

But look at their infidelity

She was born naked!

More than life
Used to love !!

Like madman
Used to remember !!

Arz ..

More than life
Used to love !!

Like madman
Used to remember !!

Now it does not pass through those roads too.
Sit and sit in their bra !!

She went to the dam

He was asking for 500 rupees ...
We were stuck on 250 / -!

He went to the Nara Dam ...
We keep holding the locks!

Only for the fist, we left ...
Luck lost us
Hi Poverty is ...
Hi Poverty !!

It has been requested -
We lost our shoes

So how will we go home?

We lost our shoes

So how will we go home?

Somebody said-

You start shayari
You will meet so many times that you will not be able to count ...

Ustad Chhotulam Sahab has requested a lion, nowadays, to see the girls' faces, be careful!

Time says do not lose me,

The heart says I do not think,

Love says do not try me,

And nowadays, girlfriends say: "Put on, do not panic!"

Ustad Chhotumal Sahib told one of his friends crying, "Man, what do you tell me, sometimes the poisonous penny falls."

Friend- What happened master, why are you saying this?

Ustad Saheb - Yer, I told my girlfriends in the big Shariana style:

"How does it come out from Jism,

It's true,

So that screwed my stomach out loud! "

Ustad Chhotumal Sahib's lion, written on the top of his girlfriend, proves to be a poor man.

Everyday dreams come in,

Sleeps fly us,

Who wants to wash our trunks,

Every night, you come and get soaked!

Ustad Chhotumal sahib is saying one day on the poor people:

What is the life of the poor man also ...

When the pants are bought, the shoes break.

When the shoe buys, the shirt bursts ...

When everything buys together, the ass bursts.

Once a famous Randi Salma saw the two-foot-long radish in the vegetable market and asked the Ustad Chhotulam Saab, a vegetable, Ama Saheb, what is it unheard of?

Sabhaji's Ustad Chhotumal Saab Ji Jyottera, it is for us to have a radish, but it is mild for you.

Ustad Chhotumal Sahab is saying the discourse - The knot of marriage is tied in the sky ...

Humans are only sent to the land to open the knot of Pettikot Salwar and Bra ...

Ustad Chhotumal Sahab asked his follower Salma Begum - When does the man feel his most insecure?

Ustad Chhotumal Sahib replied - When he is sitting in a toilet which does not have a kundi in his door!

Shayari of Ustad Chhotumal Sahab:

Mehboob me ... Mahboob me ...

Let me live in your fun ...

There's so much milk in your chest ...

Let me suppress you ... drink ...!

Nipple mixed then start to suck

Wall found

Zuban slips, mother and sister start

The ass got the finger started


Landa came and started shaking

Start four friends meet

Girl got married then start planning for fuck

If you get such a message then start forwarding ...

He got married to a Hindi teacher,
Absolutely easy to look in.
As soon as he stretched his hand towards the pussy,
There was a whisper.
Wife told them - sorry for the inconvenience,
My dear not sad ..
The second hole is on the back .. !!

Would love to do any one

If possible, do any good deeds

But until I can not find it eight inches

TRAI will do every one!

Who is on the lund

Gotta get married but who is it to deny

There are some difficulties

Otherwise, who is the love from fist!

The umbrella is not opened in storms,

The panties are not opened before the bra,

My friend started eating Viagra,

Because of the tongue and finger

The woman does not go to the chodadi!

Shayari on Taj Mahal by three different people

Stole loner:

Fate is in luck but luck does not open
I want to make Taj Mahal but Mumtaz does not get!


Fateh is in luck but luck does not open,
Mumtaz has been found, want to make Taj Mahal too!
But Mumtaz does not marry!


Fate is in luck but luck does not open
Want to make Taj Mahal, but Mumtaz does not die!

Chodat Chodat jag mua, chodha bhaya na koy,
Massage the sandese oil, the cock immediately is the young!

Tomorrow today, Choda, today is Chodey Soon,
The wife will continue to squeeze, when will the neighbor Chodaga?

Such a girl fucks, cocks lose their temper,
Do not be fooled by others, such a wife!

What happened if you grew up,
We too have lots of fun with the girls!

Doing katting, boots getting stronger,
Being crawling in the pussy, the cocks became great!

Virgin bud ki chodiye, chud ke kare ho boast,
Fuck-fuck fucks!

What fun in pussy sucking, dirty water in pussy,
If you are a man, you are saying, 'Chit, do not worry!'

Chodte-Chodate morning got licked in the cocks,
Cave bursts cave, wow ray guys!

There is a settlement in the remote village, where the Randis are very cheap,
They have so much fun in their ass, as much as they fuck, they laugh!

Pussy pussy
The color of the same pussy,
Fuck with big love,
Be wide or tight!
Wide or tight,
Pussy clarinet
Such as pussy,
Clutter from the ass!
Sayat poet Girraj,
Such beauty of pussy,
All dried up,
Whoa like that
[email protected]

When will you take the puberty, it has to be molded,
And at what moment it will fall, who is where!
You are beautiful, everybody is crazy about this thing,
If this beauty goes away, then you have to repent,
How long will it take to puberty, it has to be molded!
In the mind of many of you, this truth is unknowable,
Unless you accept, every person has to beg,
How long will it take to puberty, it has to be molded!
You must say a little bit today, have to work in the moment,
Do not say love invitations, it is a heart-breaking motive,
How long will the puberty handle, it has to be molded!
For a long time, this world is crying like this,
Assign this mind to me, then fear is to be excused,
How long will it take to pacify puberty!
When it will fall, this youth, does not have to come again,
There is nothing special, difficult to express, just love,
How long will it take to puberty, it has to be molded!
Look at me, then what amazement happens to me,
In order to do everything, only love is to be robbed,
How long will it take to puberty, it has to be molded!

After a period of time,
Do not know what happened in the event that he was a partner,
He hid my face to see me,
But his trick was telling
He was coming fresh freshly!

Today, some of my parents:
In the day Hari Om
Condom at night
Pooja and Aarti in the day
Vidya and Bharti at night
Swaha in the day
Oha in the night!

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