Jobs may seem ordinary but very dangerous

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But some of the jobs may look nice and comfortable and they are actually more dangerous, where their risks lie in their unpredictability, because they do not want to be dangerous, In this regard we present the most important functions that may seem safe but are fraught with many risks.

             1. The law firm

The practice of practicing law takes years of study at the college and other years of training to become a professional, but what are the risks that may face the owner of this profession? It may be difficult to imagine, but one of the most serious risks is suicide. The suicide rate of lawyers is high because of the pressures they face. Sometimes they may punish the innocent and free the guilty.

            2. Laundry service

You may think that it is one of the most harmless things, but it is dangerous and can lead to death, where professionals in the profession deal with soiled clothes that can be loaded with bacteria and viruses for deadly diseases, as well as the inevitability of dealing with disgusting spots such as blood stains .

            3. Taxi and limousine drivers

Driving a limousine! How much this job looks glamorous and fun! How can anyone driving a limousine be on this list? You may think that the reason for the road accidents, certainly one of the reasons, however skilled you are in driving, can be exposed to the mistakes of others. In addition, thefts of taxi drivers and limousines have contributed to their high mortality rates.

           4. Truck drivers

The risk of driving a truck does not only include collision accidents, as drivers pose other life-threatening risks. Because of the lack of time, drivers are forced to eat fast food from restaurants on the road no matter how good they are and not having enough sleep to affect their health. .

           5. Real estate agents

The dangers of this job are their constant exposure to the wrath of homeowners, the anger of guard dogs and even the possibility that they may be victims of fraud, which may be normal for them, but not to account for serious road accidents because of their profession, which requires them to drive in different ways without being So qualified.

          6. Farmers

This is a wonderful profession where farmers live in the midst of charming nature and waking up early, but the dark side is the exposure of agricultural crops to insects and agricultural pests that may come on the entire crop, causing farmers to suffer material problems.

           7. Garden coordination

It can be considered simple, cutting down trees and grass and coordinating them in an artistic way, which can be relaxing, but may expose the owner to some risks such as drowning in the vicinity of a swimming pool or electric wire taps when one is accidentally cut.

           8. Fast food delivery service

The owners of this profession can be exposed to different types of dangers. In the evening, they may be robbed or may not be the victims of the theft, but they see it by chance. One of the robbers decides to kill them so as not to leave witnesses to their crime.


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