Loonatic is looking for a new job

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I am looking for a new job.

My old job was fun but voluntary. I'm tired of working for nothing. so I am looking. I prefer a job in transport in the Netherlands. I would prefer to drive all the way through the Netherlands and not abroad. there is plenty to find but there the hell begins. solecitate, write letters. and secretly I am afraid of success. and that I say yes to a job that is not fun or disappointing. but doing nothing is not an option either. a good attempt to blog me with fears and experiences. but so far no golden mountains.
I think everyone is afraid of the unknown. but you need change to grow. innovation, away from your comfort zone. easier said than done. I am also a master of eccuses why something has no chance or can wait. (photo of old job)
my conclusion today feels like failure but it was not I just expected more than that came my way. But the good news tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities. soleciting also has to do with dealing with rejection and tie a learning point.(photo of old job)
nice evening night morning, whatever, and thank you for taking a moment to review my situation.
lots of love


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Veel succes met het zoeken van een nieuwe job @loonatic

That sucks man. Do you have (small) truckdrivers license. Being on the road I see even billboards on the side of the road, with the message: 'chauffeurs gevraagd'.


volgende week donderdag waarschijnlijk nieuwe baan werd vandaag gebeld =)
en nee ik heb rijbewijs b be


Dat is dan alweer goed nieuws. Succes!


dankje gaat wel lukken