How We Are Not Getting Success!

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Hello to my dear steemian!
i am going to explain the condition of the country problem these days are getting a govt job.
Every Job in my country is for sale . you will have to buy the job for your self.

Like if a job has a starting salary of 200 $ you will have to buy that JOb from the Govt servants by more than 15000$ .

Is that a fair and the encouragement for the new talent and talented student.

I will be pleased if we get some special politicians which remove this corruption from my country and they make us proud in the world not to make us game in the world.

Till you are not involve in the politician parties or you are not able to buy a job for your self from the dealers in different govt departments.

This time the great step was taken by the members that there will be no new job announced til the election and all old and reserved selection will be temporary suspended as well .

I believe in that we will never get success in life with out having some problem to face first. when we face many problem we will get some success.

We need to develop my country in this fast growing world. if we get united and fight against the world and we show some positive response to the talented student of country will get some success for sure that is that i believe.

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I hope everything goes as you like @ammar0344


Maybe you should get in touch with Transparency International on

Get involved

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