Finally a job! Apprentice CAD Engineer

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Welcome back, readers! It had been a long time since I wrote about my life. By next week, I will be inactive on Steemit and I will try to write a post every 7 days. After ten months of unemployment, I finally have a job but not really a job. I will start on 9 July 2018. It is a 26 months engineering apprenticeship program under the company acePLP. If, under some circumstances that I would like to withdraw from the program, I must pay $12,000. The pay will be $800. I am thankful that the company will invest in my training materials and will be willing to pay my salary.

I must also pass 2 tests with flying colours above 70-75% to enable me to continue in this program. This job will test my resilience and intelligence to be able to cope with these demands. In other words, this is a crucial moment in my life and can “make my career or break my life”. This program is definitely out of my comfort zone since my heydays in National Service. In the meantime, I will watch youtube videos on AutoCAD, Microstation, and Revit to familiarize myself with these softwares before I start the program.

I will definitely document my work life on Steemit to know whether I will graduate from this program or not. Wish me luck, my friends. Signing off! Sejuk!


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All the best my friend!


Thank you, culgin!

Good luck, and all the best.


Thanks, quote-haven!

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