[JJM] Steemmonsters Tournament 2nd Round - Voters and Analyzers - Leave a comment to guess the winner and win JJM

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Hi, @jayplayco here.

As announced we have started with our second tournament. The development of our platform for voters is still ongoing and we hope that we will be ready with the alpha version shortly before the third tournament. Like the first tournament will use the same rules like below.

1. Tournament Series Title

STEEMMONSTERS , JJM BLAST ,Beyond the limits !

2. Final Winner Voters Details

  • This rule is only valid for the second Round of JJM tournaments opening 2019.04.14 Sunday KST 09:00PM / 08:00 AM EST
  • To participate and guess the winner for the first round please follow the steps as below.
  • Please upvote this post
  • Please LEAVE A COMMENT with your estimated winner (make sure that the id is right)
  • Please leave your comment before 2019.04.14 Sunday KST 09:00 PM
  • 500JJM will be evenly distributed to all users who voted for the final winner.
  • If no one is able to guess the final winner, the 500 JJM will be evenly distributed to all players who checked in.
  • It would be appreciated if you could resteem this post, so we can get the needed exposure for our players.

a. Tournament Details

1) Second Tournament

PlaceFirst TournamentToken
  • Date: 2019.04.14 Sunday KST 09:00PM / 8 AM EST
  • Free Entry
  • Gold League
  • Rule: No legendary summoners
  • Single Elimination
  • Round Details Default (best 2 of 3), Qualifier (best 2 of 3), Final (Best 3 of 5)

2) TROPHY Token

The winner of the tournament will additionally receive one Trophy Token. It is really something I would personally also like to have, but guess will never have the chance to get. :)

Board of Honor - 2019.04.12

1st@bji12031 TROPHY

2. About JJM

JJM is a token based on steem-engine.com using a side chain of Steem. With a holding Steem Power of 500K SP owned and bought from @virus707, this SP is used in combination with JJM tokens to upvote, reward and distribute dividends out of the JJM project to JJM token holders. Our final goal is to create high-quality content and external revenue from advertisement to bring the Steem blockchain to the next step and help the Dapps within the Steem environment. Please read the article below about JJM token if you need more information.

3. Important information


골카...!! @glory7님의 우승 예측해봅니다!!

댓글로 의지를 보여주네요.


Congrats~ you voted for the winner of the second JJM tournament~!!

님으로 도전해보겠습니다~

이번엔 @bubke님을...^^

Thanks for the vote. I played poorly today though. Good luck in the tournament.

곰돌이가 @glory7님의 소중한 댓글에 시세변동을 감안하여 $0.003을 보팅해서 $0.020을 지켜드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 4103번 $47.854을 보팅해서 $51.198을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

@tailcock님 함 가보입시다! ^^

@bji1203 GOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@bji1203 예상해 봅니다.ㅎ

@bji1203 gogogogogogogogogogo

@bji1203 님이 이번에도 우승할꺼같아요

@bji1203님 우승 ^^

저를 찍고 열심히 하는게 좋더라구요..ㅋㅋ

비지님 찍을려니 너무 많아서 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ @wombykus


I also did vote, resteem. ^^

@bji1203 님 예상합니다

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이번에도 @glory7 님 우승 예측해 봅니다.
보팅,리스팀 하고 갑니다.

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이번에도 이변은 없다!!
@bji1203 님 또 밀어봅니다.

이번에도 @bji1203 예상합니다

@bji1203 님!!을 이번에는 한번 밀어봅니다~~

@bji1203 님이 이번에도 우승할것 같네요 ㅎㅎ

제가 참여하게 된다면 저를 찍고 싶은데...

오늘밤 9시라니... 참여가 쉽지 않겠네요 ㅠㅠ

전 이번에는 @golry7님 우승 찍어봅니다~

모든분들 파이팅!!

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비지님 글로리님은 너무 많아서 제외하고...
아무도 예측 안하신.. @raynie님을 찍어봅니다
500jjm 가즈아~

이번엔 @wombykus 님으로 가봅니다!!!!
Go go go!!!

우승 가즈아 ㅎ

전 다시한번 부기님께 ㅋㅋㅋ