BJJ Training Journal - 11/27/21 - I Rolled Gi for the First Time Since the Pandemic Started

in #jiujitsu2 months ago (edited)


This was the first time I rolled Gi against Purple and Black Belts since the Pandemic started.

The first roll was odd as I had to get my bearings as the grips threw me off as I could not move as freely as I wanted.

After the first couple minutes I just ignored the grips and got to work. I ended up with three submissions in the last couple minutes.

The remainder of the rolls I just played my No Gi game in the Gi. The people I was rolling with commented on the speed and the movement.

I was not even tired after the two hour session as I rolled back to back. However, when I got home my body was worn down not from fatigue but rather the pressure of people grabbing the Gi and trying to hold me down.

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