Pres. Roosevelt the Martial Artist

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We bring you this incredible post courtesy of @vintage_grappling on IG.

Pres. Roosevelt the Martial Artist

“Perhaps New York’s most famous martial artist was not a great master, but the soldier, statesman, and President Theodore Roosevelt, who cross-trained in a variety of combative arts including western boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and fencing. Pictured is Teddy Roosevelt @ age 19. His trainer, Professor Mike J. Dwyer was considered an expert in the Cornish style of wrestling, although he also contested in catch-as-catch-can, as well as (to a lesser extent) Graeco-Roman.”

Who do you consider to b the toughest President?



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i know him he was a grea athlete.thanks for remembering him

Roosevelt was really an excellent aritist....
Thanks for sharing this....@battlemountain2k

Thank you! I didn’t know that!


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this is great lol. I love the cross-buttock move. In all seriousness, this is a cool piece of history that I didn't know.

So happy you like it!

yea, this was cool. I love historical tidbits like this. He was a really impressive guy but had a lot of shortcomings as well. It was an interesting time and he did a lot to shape the world. I'm not saying it was good lol but he helped shape the modern world.

The future twenty sixth President of the us of the usa become talking both figuratively and literally right here. “The Strenuous lifestyles” changed into a strident argument in favor of bootstrap-pulling, nationalism, and masculinity, amongst different things. however Roosevelt was also in want of hard work that examined and bolstered the frame in addition to the thoughts, the soul, and the state. His own existence were prompted and advanced by using a tremendous quantity of strenuous hobbies.

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