10 new ideas to make additional money

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Every year we have to think about making such decisions, but what about making more money? If you have a core job that did not meet your needs over the past years, look at these new ideas for making money.

           1. Use services to strengthen the economy

"The cooperative economy is growing at phenomenal rates," said Nigel Wilson, a managing director of Hitwise. "Thousands of companies like this have spread around the world and many consumers have been involved in it.

According to PwC statistics, 44% of adults in the United States are aware of the cooperative economy, 19% are involved in transactions across this economy, and Wilson completes. "Brands should consider how to support this economy rather than compete against it."

The generation of milliseconds builds up the vast spread of this economy. You can now rent your car on Turo, your Cameralands camera equipment, skateboard or bike on Spinlister. If you even own a sailboat you can rent it to Sailo "In addition to renting all of these things you own, you can now also serve meals made in your own kitchen via Umi-Kitchen."

             2. Launch the subscription box service!

If you want to take advantage of your local market, the "subscription box" is the place to start. Over the past two years we can witness an explosion in the consumption process through boxes of participation in all areas, food, games, gifts and beauty tools. Goods in a period not exceeding one month, and the "subscription" box is now one of the fastest sources of profit in the world!

            3 - Own a mobile food truck!

Many people, especially those aged 18 to 34, have been dealing with mobile food truck projects, which is why the industry's economy can exceed 958 million million by 2019!

Talking about business, the mobile food truck industry is a special industry because it does not require large capital, and is not tied to one place to set up the project, so the industry can be a good field to start if you have a small capital and do not need to start from scratch .

I had a friend who had enough money to buy several food trucks, and that's exactly what he did recently. He is now quite capable of building his own business, and even more than what he started four years ago as his source of additional profit has now become his primary business and source of income!

           4. Win money by uploading apps!

I will be honest with you, you will not win a fortune by implementing this idea, but at least, but you will be able to make very little effort to make additional money every month, here is my suggestion to do so:

  • The Swagbucks application pays you money to fill out a survey and answer simple questions.
  • "Stash" pays you $ 5 for starting an investment.
  • When you go hiking, Bitwalking pays you virtual dollars called "Bitwalking Dollars."
  • "Nielsen Homescan" pays you for checking your grocery cards.
  • "Achievement" pays you for completing your health activities.
  • MobileXpression will give you money, gift cards and goods if you browse the Internet.
  • The application "Ibotta" pays you for images of your invoices.
  • The "Paribus" application scans email messages in your e-mail and gives you an amount if those receipts are low.

           5 - Invest in real estate:

If you do not work full-time or get money consistently, then suddenly decide to become a project owner, this may not be a wise decision, but if you're just looking for extra income, the real estate market is one of the most important industries you'll find , There are many real estate sites that allow you to invest a business does not exceed $ 5000.

               6 - I work as an adviser in "Instagram":

We can call the 2016 that it was a year of "entragment", and at the same level is expected to hold 2017 for him the best. The Facebook platform has since started to bring companies and investors through live video footage, stories and thousands of brands to create space in the world of social networking applications.

For example, if you are an amateur photography enthusiast and an INTEGRAM user, you can now start working as a consultant in the field of Instagram.


              7. Work as an EMV security consultant:

There are about 300 commercial chip cards in the hands of consumers, and there are also about 1.2 million businesses dealing with these cards, and with the possibility of high rates of fraud, those are certainly in the process of announcing the increased needs of security monitors.

If you have a security experience or are familiar with EMV, you can start working as a security consultant to guide small business owners on how to use them, and keep them up-to-date on the latest security measures.


              9 - Invest in the currency of Bitcoin

In 2017, the currency of Bitcoin was well done, leading some experts to believe that its price could reach $ 6,000 by next year, an increase of 40%. This is due to increased use and increased remittances and investments, especially in nascent markets such as India.

            10. Be green!

The generation of the millennium is one of the most important generations in the world. Sixty-one percent of this generation is involved in digital applications that allow them to track energy and learn how to preserve the climate. This means that there is a great demand for green companies in the near future!



This reads like one of those random guides that you may have downloaded off a torrent when you had nothing better to do. Sure, those things might be 20+ years old, saved as a *.txt file and relate to a pre-broadband world, but it’s really the same old shit; getting a 2nd income via part-time job is just common sense; it’s not exactly revolutionary advice, lol.

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So long as these are opportunities that are still current, and some people don't know about them I don't have any problem with this.