Necklaces and Bracelets

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I may have taken a break from posting jewelry projects almost two months ago, but I haven't stopped making stuff.


Leather cord and antiqued brass findings. Left: a mechanical insect and key as pendants. Right: a bow and a corset.

Cameo Pendants



These large cameos look great, but they don't feel especially like high-quality materials, so I added some cogs to the reverse both as visual interest and extra bulk.

Various necklaces


Left to right: beaded dragonfly pendant with Swarovski crystals, winged pendant with acrylic eyeball, cubic zirconia pendant, beaded pendant, and steampunk pendant made from a wing, cogs, and a key.



These are all made from fishing line, beads, and toggle clasps. I decided to try just using 30# fishing line instead of fancy beading monofilament because it's pretty much the same stuff, although mine are definitely tougher. There's no kill like overkill! I used crimp beads hidden within the end spacer beads so the only clue to the cordage is a small loop extending out to the jump rings.

But wait, there's more!

Most jewelry I will be posting from here on will be for sale! If you see something you like, I am open to reasonable offers. SBD is preferable, but Paypal could be an option. Details can be hashed out on, and I am also @jacobtothe there.

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These are beautiful! While I haven't seen these specific pieces, I did get to see some of your collection at the Steemit meetup and I can attest to the quality and attention to detail. My daughter wears her turquoise beaded necklace nearly every day. And my other daughter picked out a pair of steampunk earrings with keys that she just loves!

Btw, I love the idea of adding cogs to the cameos!

I'm glad they like them!

And there are very few things that are not improved by adding cogs ☺

these bracelets and necklaces are very pretty.
wish you success always here.

beautiful necklaces and bracelets. is indeed a remarkable work. How much the price of this necklace and bracelet?

Which one? And where would it be shipped? International shipping outside the US is a pain.

Necklaces and Bracelets are so beautiful.You want to sell that good.