It's a good story, but unfortunately it was already published here:
We are looking for new and original stories, maybe you have another story in mind you would like to tell and submit again.

I’m working on my new story. I’ll publish it tomorrow. I apologize for overlooking the rule about using new Material- I actually didn’t realize it was clearly posted as a rule. I just wanted to be clear that I wasn’t trying to be deceptive. I was just eager to have my story heard and overlooked the rule.

I reread the initial post and my new submission will meet the qualifications.

Thanks @gmichelbkk

That’s fair. I knew it was taking a risk posting it for the contest. I wasn’t sure since it was used for the photo instead of the story In regards to the previous post. Thanks for letting me know.

With that being said, are you saying that it’s not too late to post a different story..

I have quite a few actually that I could tell- that aren’t posted anywhere.

No problem! This give us the opportunity to have a new awesome story from you. Many people submitted stories much too short as well when 1000+ words is a requirement.!

Hello @gmichelbkk I worked part of the day and all night on my new submission.

Hope you like it- it’s a little lengthy

I have it. Thank you.