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Hey everyone, this is a my supernatural experience, still gives me goosebumps. It happened about 10 or 12 years ago.
It was Christmas and I was travelling to my village with my dad for the holiday(we were having sort of a family reunion), my mom and elder sister were to come the next day. There was this couple sitting behind us in the travelling bus, I thought they looked creepy because the were quiet right from the take off. They were quiet through all the jokes one guy on the bus was cracking, like expressionless and quiet, and I had a feeling they were staring at me from behind but I shrugged it off as just a feeling. At a point in the journey, I got hungry so I wanted to eat some biscuits I bought, as I was bringing it out from my bag, one pack fell down, but as I bent down to pick it up, I didn't find it anymore, looked and looked but it was nowhere to be found, so I just forgot about it. An hour later I saw it at the exact spot where it fell, it was so creepy but I shrugged it off again and ate it. I dosed off after some minutes and I dreamt I was in this forest and it was so dark but there were a few torches around, hooded people were standing around me and I was trying to move but I couldn't, then one person started coming close to me and one of the torches reflected on her face and I woke up immediately. I turned back and saw the couple staring directly at me, it was definitely the woman I just saw in my dream. I told my dad about it but he said it was just a dream and continued reading his newspaper. I didn't dare go back to sleep for the rest of the journey. We arrived at the village and as I was coming down form the bus, they waved at me at the same time with the same plain expressionless face, I was so creeped out at that point. We got to the house and everyone was so happy to see us, but when my grandma came out, she stared at me in a very awkward way that I couldn't really describe. She hugged my dad and hugged me though (granddad died two years earlier). After dinner and talking to my cousins, I wanted to go to bed and before I could enter my room, grandma called me, I went to her and she asked me if I took anything from anyone to eat on the journey to the village, told her no and she asked if I was sure and I said I was. I went to bed and I had that same dream but this time, the woman spoke to me, she said I'd been chosen to fulfil a great purpose in their community and I told her I don't understand, she said I will, said that biscuit I picked up from the bus was the first step and I woke up. I was so frightened, i immediately started praying (we are a Christian family). Dawn finally came after what seemed to be like centuries. I got up and went to tell dad about the dream and he was concerned this time, we prayed yet again and continued our day, i noticed grandma was quieter than normal today. My mom and sister later arrived and the family was complete, we are together, talked and had a lot of fun but all the while I just wasn't at peace. That evening I was going to the kitchen to get some drinks and I saw the couple, dressed with hoods standing at a corner, i shouted and threw the cup I was holding and ran away, i told dad again and he told not to worry, that I'm just still spooked at the dream, that it'll pass, but we still prayed again. I couldn't bring myself to fall asleep that night because I was so scared of having that dream again, but eventually, i fell asleep and there I was back in that forest with the hooded people, but this time they were muttering things I couldn't understand and I was trying so desperately to move but I couldn't, then the woman came foward and told me my spirit is resisting them, and if i keep resisting them, it could end bad for me, this time I woke up screaming, all my muscles ached. My mom and dad rushed to my bedside and asked me what was wrong and I told them, this time they called our pastor and I told him what has been going on and we all prayed till dawn. I was indoors mostly throughout the day, i kept seeing flashes of the couple appearing and disappearing, I've never been so scared in my entire life. We had a vigil the next night and my mom and dad slept with me, but even after all that, i was still back to that forest with the torches and the hooded people, they were walking around me this time and muttering, and I was somehow dressed in a robe, the woman came forward again and said they had waited enough for me, that i should either stop resisting or face the consequences, i kept shouting and begging and crying, i didn't even understand what was going on, didn't know how to even give her what she wanted, this time I wasn't waking unlike before. I started feeling like I was burning and the hooded people started talking faster and louder, i thought it was the end, that i was going to die there, my life was already flashing through my eyes and then one of the hooded person came forward and met the woman and they began talking, after what seemed like a little argument, the woman turned to me looking angry and in a split second, light reflected on the hooded person that came to meet her, the person somehow looked like grandma and I woke up instantly, everyone was around me, dad, mom, my sister, my uncles and aunties and cousins, they told me I'd been screaming and having convulsions. Everyone was there except grandma. The whole family had vigil that night for me and about an hour later, one of my aunty rushed into the room and said "It's grandma", we all rushed to her room and she was having convulsions, we started praying and after about ten minutes it suddenly stopped and we heard her drawing a deep breath and that was the last she ever drew.
The dreams and flashes stopped after that night, but I never got the answers to my hundred questions, what was going on in that place? Who were those people? What did they want with me? What was grandma doing there? What happened to grandma? And many other questions that i don't think I'll ever get answers to.
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I still have a phobia for forests till today.


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