The Economy Is Failing, Crypto Is A Threat To The Banking System - Jeff Berwick On The X22 Report

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Dave for X22 Report Spotlight. Topics include: burgeoning US debt and money printing, Trump was a democrat most of his life, growing police state, the coming collapse, fascism, the coming attacks on cryptocurrencies, Anarchapulco freedom conference, the statist mindset, the war agenda, the Masons, Trump and the ring of power, who created Bitcoin, approaching the end game.

The original X22 interview:

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i guess it will someday, but i don't think anytime soon :)

Depends on your definition of soon. I plan to be around to see out the rest of this century, and I expect a lot to happen in that time, and I'm positive a lot of what will happen will be completely unexpected by most.

The thing which I always say is that time has come to change our financial system. Why do we have to use 400 years old money system when we can have advance things.
I don't know bitcoin or crypto Currencies are the future or anything else but whatever is useful we should adopt that.

Exactly, I recently sent $400 worth of DGB from America to Asia in just over a minute. Imagine the possibilities as 7 billion people around the world have this abillity to regain their financial freedom.

Great video!

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Hey Jeff, Great interview! Btw, can you help me spread the word about the broken 'promote' button? I have reached out to @ned and on twitter via the official page and no one has gotten back to me. Being who you are, do you have any direct contact with the Steemit Team/know anyone who does?

Great interview

It shall be!!!

This interview is great and awesome. Well detailed and informative. This is indeed a great job on your path. Keep up the good work buddy @dollarvigilante ✌ ☺

Inflation in fiat have rise tremendously this year in some Asian countries including the Philippines with 4.8% last febraury alone. While crypto remain as is or it has deflation fiat devalued overtime.

While the inflation in the US is almost 2%, big corporation employee’s salary increase is below the margin.

I hope to god to your conference next year.


Great interview brother.

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keep collecting and holding all sorts of hedges against the fall of fiat! Very soon Crypto will rule The World. Those people wants to control Crypto currency & also they want the power to track it. They are feeling unsecured because if Crypto starts blooming then usd will face a lot of difficulties all over the world. They will lose their supremacy. That's the reason they are talking like that.

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Informative Interview Jeff

Was great to meet you in Acapulco for our first event. We are seeing a trend up here in Canada where banks (Credit Cards) are sending out messages to their clients stating they are no longer supporting processing clients purchases for Crypto Currency's. This shows how much they want to slow down Crypto, however like what you have been saying along with experts like Mike Maloney we all know its just a matter of TIME before the collapse of the Federal Reserve!