the cruft beer event was held yesterday and today

in japanese •  7 months ago

imageクラフトビア金沢へ。幸せな日曜日になりました。Hello, my friends. In Kanazawa, Japan, the cruft beer event was held yesterday and today. People enjoyed craft beer and delicious foods. (The typhoon is approaching just now in the Southern part of Japan. According to the weather forecast, the typhoon will come here tonight. imageFortunately, the event was successful. I was able to get the special Jyohana brewry made beer named "Great Blue" . It's a transparent blue color. The Lemon gave it a refreshing taste. I got plenty of my favorite foods.

image台風近くて雨が心配されましたが奇跡的に雨降らず。すごい!晴れ男と晴れ女集団なのかッ それか何か特別なお祈りしたのでしょうか たくさんの人で賑わっていました。昔からファンだった城端麦酒さんも出展してて、念願のグレートブルーを 瓶詰めはないのでこの機会に飲めて良かった。レモンのフルーツエール。パーンと酸っぱいというよりも優しく夏アゲイン。うまっ‼️



image八尾家さんのイカ焼き、PLAT HOME さんの唐揚げ、アシルワードさんのカレー、鳥珍やさんの手羽先とメンチ

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