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I drew Casablanca today.
Casablanca's flowers are white, but if you look closely you can see colors such as pink and light blue.


Maybe I think that everything in the world is made up of many layers.
If you change the way you look at things, it may look different because you are looking at different layers.

There are layers in everything, such as the world divided by the flow of time and choices.

I always feel that way when I study painting.




It is a beautiful artwork, it realxes my mind seeing it:) You are skilled and sensitive, the world is full of layers indeed and we can discard the outer ones to find the deeper and beautiful ones:) There is always beauty in the world:)

If you dont mind some advise, it would improve the visiblity of your posts if you change a bit your tags. You could use the #art-venture tag which is for traditional visual artists like you.By using it you can have a change to be included at the @art-venture magazine.
Another one is the #creativecoin tag, again for artists and creative people in general. By using it you would get rewarded with CCC tokens along with Steem.
The #oc is a good tag for you also because you are sharing original content
Last but not least, if you have another social media account where you share your Steem posts you could use the #posh tag. You can provide a link of your post there as proof of sharing in the comment section or at the end of your post.

Have a nice weekend:)

great advice., your work is great and it would be nice for more people to see and enjoy it.

Thank you sjarvie5!I'm very happy to read your comment everytime!!

Thank you so much for telling me! I didn't know any tags. I changed my tag. I am very happy that you commented.

You are very welcome:) Just remember whe you will use the #posh tag to add a proof that you shared the link to another social media account. Put the link in a cooment or at the end of your post. Have fun:)

Yes, there are so many layers! Great thought.


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