Kanji of the day #5

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 Welcome to Kanji of the day #5!

Sorry for not being able to post anything in past days.

Here's the Kanji that I'm going to present to you today

(The numbers on it shows the stroke order)

Meaning - river



My vocabulary

 河川(かせん)- rivers (kazen)

川上(かわかみ)- upper reaches of a river (kawakami)

川下(かわしも)- downstream (kawashimo)

江戸川(えどがわ) - Edo river (edogawa)

小川(おがわ)- brook (ogawa)

I made a sentence with this Kanji

その川はとてもうつくしい。(sono kawa wa totemo utsukushī)

That river is so beautiful.

Here's how I practiced it.

Information from Kanji Alive.

If you have any questions, I'll answer them with my little knowledge of Kanji. 

And I sincerely asking my Japanese friends to correct me if I'm wrong and share your knowledge with me. Please teach me, senpai!!! >v<

Thanks for dropping by... Have a nice day!


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You're welcome!

その川はとてもうつくしい。 so I decided to take a picture of it with my phone but I slipped on its edge and fell into it! :P

Thanks for another Kanji lesson and just ignore my dumb random sentence above! :D

Waah really? But I think you felt the real beauty of the river after falling into it! You are lucky ^ ^

You're welcome and I really enjoy reading your comment. Life is dull without being a little dumb :D Suprise me with another one next time ;)

Nice Kanji article! I would like to support @mashiliyanage.

How is this contest? Winner is 200SP Deligation. You can join by just commenting.


Thank you @yasu24 san. I appreciate your support :)

I'll check it out. Thanks for informing me :)

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