Kanji of the day #2

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Welcome to Kanji of the day #2!

Here's the Kanji that I'm going to present to you today.

(The numbers on it shows the stroke order)

Meaning - up, above, on, superior

おんよみ:ジョ、ショウ (jou, shou)

くんよみ:うえ、うわ、かみ、のぼ、あ (ue,uwa,kami, nobo)

My vocabulary

上人(しょうにん)-Superior (Shounin)

上手(じょうず)-Skillful (jouzu)

上る(のぼる)-Climb (noboru)

上がる(あがる)-Go up (agaru)

目上(めうえ)-Superior (me ue)

川上(かわかみ)-Upstream (kawakami)

上回る(うわまわる)-Exceed (uwamawaru)

I made a sentence with this Kanji.

えんぴつはつくえの上にある。(enpitsu wa tsukue no ue ni aru)
The pencil is on the table.

Here's how I practiced it.


Another note: If you're interested in learning Kanji, Kanji Alive is a great site. When you search for a Kanji, you can find the stroke order, meanings, and examples for it.

 If you have any questions, I'll answer them with my little knowledge of Kanji.

And I sincerely asking my Japanese friends to correct me if I'm wrong and share your knowledge with me. Please teach me, senpai!!! ^_^

Thanks for dropping by... Have a nice day!


woo, are you learning Japanese too? :O

Sorry for replying late. I thought I replied to you. Yeah, I'm learning it at school :)

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