"No Music No Life ノーミュージック・ノーライフ" Photography 写真

in japanese •  11 months ago 

Yesterday, my friend invited me to join a Korean community event in Nova Scotia, Canada. This event was organized by the Korean community in Nova Scotia. They played wonderful music and served delicious Korean food. There were Koreans, Chinese, Canadians, Canadian First Nations Mi'kmaq. A Korean lady played a traditional Instrument and a young Chinese man played a wonderful Japanese song on the Marimba. And then, Mi'kmaq man showed us his wonderful traditional dance!!!

We enjoyed the food, music, and conversation. Everything touched my feelings deeply. Cultural exchanges are such a beautiful thing. There were so many young people and kids too. Music is so important for introducing culture and making everybody's feelings calm and happy. "No Music No Life."



Photo Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
by @koto-art

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"No Music No Life", could it be that the title idea was from my favorite anime "No Game No Life"? 😊


Oh, I know that Anime but I never watched it! People say, “NoGe (means no game I guess)”
Actually, I like anime too!

No music, no life!
すごくわかります ;) ;)


そうですよね!!@keistee さんの投稿も拝見しました!フォローさせて頂きました(^^)