A Drawing of Gandalf the Grey @gtg the IT Wizard :) ガンダルフを描いてみました。

in japanese •  last year

This is a portrait of Gandalf the Grey aka @gtg

who always kindly answers all of my stupid questions regarding Steem :) Since he is a wizard I drew him performing some Steem spell ^^

いつも質問に優しく答えてくれるガンダルフさん @gtg を描いてみました。




The Materials:


I used Japanese watercolors Gansai Tanbi, Pilot Ink and DrPh Martin Pen-White. I used Kabura pen nib to add whites and it has blown me away. So much easier than the G-pen (which is amazing with normal ink...I still love you with all my ❤︎ dear G-pen)!!!

顔彩耽美にパイロットのインク、そしてDrPh Martinペンホワイトを使いました。今回ホワイトを入れる時にかぶらペンを使用して、Gペンよりは(´⊙ω⊙`)使いやすい!



P.S I have painted the hair blue actually, and later changed it to Grey with Photoshop Magic (〃ω〃).

Thank you for taking a look :)
Feel free to comment and ask questions. Let me know what you guys think ^^


I blog about daily life, post my artworks and illustrations :)
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Oh my, @fukako, you are awesome!
Thank you so much! :-)


That's totally YOU!!!


This is as cool and awesome as you are hahaha !


@gtg, I am awesome at my slowness :) admit it I am as fast as a snail🐌

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Wow, nice drawing. He looks like a orchestra conductor. @ironshield


@ironshield, they do know how to use a magic baton,
don't they :D

@fukako so, just admit it - you sneeked in and took a photo of gtg performing the steem magic spell... this drawing is far too realistic to be your fantasy :-) ... just kidding!!! Great artwork :-) cheers from the seven mountains in Germany


almost! but gtg is very careful and always hides his face :)


:-) a faceless man... guess he went into class with Aria ;-)




Gorgeous! I love how u added the brush at the end pic lol. The steemit logo is ofc a nice touch too. :)


@atopy, yeah I thought later that rather than a wand a staff would have been cooler :) next time i guess! how's your cintiq? did you name it yet?


How did you know I will name it? Lol....was gonna go with something goofy...but ended naming her Vita. I need a few more stuff to make it really work, cuz so far I am using my lappy- which works, but not as it truly should. I also started using Corel a bit...and like the brushes there...just a lot of new stuff thats all. So frustrated, excited and in love all at once. :)


haha i knew it :) I named my bicycle Alain Nobunaga Delon (Alain Delon because it's an old french bike, and Nobunaga... because I hope it'll help me conquer a lot of territory :D)


Very well done. I could never do something like this. You’re going to do great here. Keep it up :)


thank you for the encouragement @firepower :) do you also draw?

So nice Gandalf portrait! Thanks for share ^_^


Thank you @silviabeneforti ^^ looking forward to meet you at steemfest :)


Me too ^_^

That's really a fantastic drawing! How long have you been doing things like this? I'm sure @gtg will enjoy using this across Steemit for many years to come.



thanks @ethandsmith :) i really hope he does! ive been drawing for a very long time, but inking and watercolor is relatively new for me, just two years now. usually i paint landscapes in oil.


That's great! I'll have to check out some of your other works!

I grew up on the Tolkien books and love seeing new interpretations of the characters - this is fantastic. What inspired the modern look?


@decimus, thank you for the comment :) actually the inspiration comes from Steem itself and harry potter a little.

So so so cool @gtg !!!


thank you @mammasitta :)

Were you inspired by the Halloween spirit creeping slowly but surely on us ? そうだったらあなたの気持ちが分かるよ。


@matsuoka.alice, not really :) i was thinking about harry potter, modern wizards and orchestra conductors :D ハロウィンのこと完全に忘れています^^コメントをありがとう〜

Hahah this is just awesome! XD


thank you @aleduruy, glad you enjoyed it :)

@fukako! This is exactly what I would think @gtg looks like! The hands are so realistic! And, best of all, no shoes!


@karencarrens, thanks! hands weren't easy but i had found a good hand model :) wooohoo no shoes!!!!


Did you see this... Your Gandalf the Grey post was mentioned...

Read it. You'll crack up at how @enchantedspirit described you. I was rolling.

I thought Gandalf was born an old man! He looks so young and hip!


yes, perhaps he was :) but he was pretty hip






That's a very good painting. Great art @fukako


thank you for the kind words @rizasukma


You are welcome my friend

This is awesome @fukako. You're really talented.


thank you for the encouraging words @churchboy ^^

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that's wonderful @kenfolios, I'm sending your good thoughts :) please, do your best!

wow nice one!


thank you @kingscrown!



ありがとう〜(=゚ω゚)ノ (=゚ω゚)ノ

Very nice!

Very nice !! :) Best wishes. - @splendorhub

gandalf wow <3

very nice art <3