Free Talk - Practice Your English For Free / 英会話を無料で楽しめる

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Next Free Talk:

Monday, September 10th at 8 PM.





Are you an English learner?

Want to practice your English for free with a native speaker?

Then fire up your Discord and come join us! This is NOT a class, it's a conversation. So bring up any topic that you want to talk about. Or you can ask questions about English words, phrases, or grammar, if that's what you're into.

Everyone Is Welcome

Anyone from any country is welcome. If you're worried about your English level, then just come and listen in. You can join the conversation whenever you feel like you're ready.


Free Talk is at different times each week. I'll be posting the dates beforehand, so be sure to check your Steemit feed for to find out when the next one is.

Come on any time!

Get on Discord and if I'm there, feel free to chat any time. If I'm not there, go ahead and send me a message in the text chat and I'll try to get back to you later.

Remember to mark your calendar. Hope to see you there!












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Could you do a post telling us what will happen after a hard fork this September!?
What could we expect for the near future?


It will mainly allow for easier and faster account creation, and for any app connected to the Steem blockchain to onboard new users. Right now, new users can only create accounts through, or one of the few paid account creation services, or directly through the command line interface, which requires some serious computer skills. When any app can onboard new users, we should see a lot more new faces around here, along with an increase in the value of Steem, hopefully.


Thank you very much! That’s good news.

when will you have next class?


Monday at 8 again. I'll post about it soon.


Thank you🌹

Hope there are many people online!
It would be nice to have other languages as well! People from other countries are not doing free classes in conversation.


Not that many people yet. One problem is that I just can't be on Discord all the time, and you really need to be on a lot to get a community built up.
I could certainly make other rooms on the server for other languages, but they would need people promoting them.


It’s a lot of extra work when you already have a full time job.


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