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Today is the Nationa Foundation Day, a national holiday in Japan. So I went out for running in the morning.

Less than 3 weeks remain until Tanba-Sasayama Marathon on 1st March. Today I had to run 42 km toward the real full marathon.

I have not yet recovered enough from the fatigue by the half marathon on the day before yesterday, so my legs felt heavy from the begining of the workout. Completing 42 km running under such a physical condition is very significant to endure suffering in the final phase of the real full marathon.

Although my body and legs got very exhausted, I managed to finish 42 km running. The pace was very unstable, but that doesn't matter. I'm satisfied with this workout.

I need to do training as much as possible, and recover from fatigue as well as possible until the full marathon.

Today's running profile is as follows.





Distance(距離) : 42.2 km
Time(タイム) : 3:07'28"
Average Pace(平均ペース) : 4'26" /km
Average Pitch(平均ピッチ): 183 spm
Average Stride (平均ストライド): 123 cm
Calories-out(消費カロリー) : 1,504 kcal
Steps(歩数) : 34,362
Average Heart Rate(平均心拍数): 159 bpm (Max : 199 bpm)
Estimated VO2max(推定最大酸素摂取量) : 62.2 mL/kg/min
Shoes(シューズ) : WAVE EMPEROR JAPAN 4 (total distance : 118.6km)
Temperature(気温): 5.0~8.4℃
Wind Speed(風速): 1.2~5.1 m/s
Humidity(湿度): 43~62%
Lap time(ラップタイム) :
1km 4’33” /km
2km 4’33” /km
3km 4’21” /km
4km 4’19” /km
5km 4’17” /km
6km 4’24” /km
7km 4’24” /km
8km 4’27” /km
9km 4’28” /km
10km 4’23” /km
11km 4’13” /km
12km 4’21” /km
13km 4’26” /km
14km 4’25” /km
15km 4’22” /km
16km 4’21” /km
17km 4’27” /km
18km 4’26” /km
19km 4’23” /km
20km 4’29” /km
21km 4’23” /km
22km 4’33” /km
23km 4’26” /km
24km 4’18” /km
25km 4’30” /km
26km 4’18” /km
27km 4’31” /km
28km 4’25” /km
29km 4’25” /km
30km 4’30” /km
31km 4’28” /km
32km 4’34” /km
33km 4’29” /km
34km 4’16” /km
35km 4’25” /km
36km 4’31” /km
37km 4’27” /km
38km 4’34” /km
39km 4’27” /km
40km 4’28” /km
41km 4’28” /km
42km 4’43” /km


Full Marathon : 2:58'09" ( The 28th Ako-Gishi Marathon, 1st December 2019 )
Half Marathon : 1:18'40" ( 2020 UNICEF CUP KOBE VALENTINE LOVE RUN, 9th February 2020 )

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