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I'm in Manchester UK and you 100% couldn't leave your bag in the city centre here, someone would steal a bag with a bomb in it left by a terrorist. I had my bag cut open to see what they could steal from it while i had it on my back stood on a crowded bus, and only knew about it because a man told me that he seen it happen, but he didn't tell me until the thief had got off the bus because he didn't want a confrontation.


Dude thats crazy - did he take anything valuble?


No, luckily there was nothing in there, I was on way home from work so only had my empty lunch box in my bag. Just crazy how blatant criminals can be in UK.

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I dont think you have figured out how this platform works yet..

It's so interesting that your room-mate knew about this attack and chose to stay there regardless. I'm guessing someone told him and he believed it. I totally agree that Japan is not only extremely safe, but also incredibly clean. I couldn't believe it how so many homes had their garages open and you could see in them and I did not see a single garage that was messy in any way :O


Hes an old Japanese guy! Sorry if that wasnt clear. Japanese people sometimes think its so dangerous, mostly because they dont realize they are (per capita) the SAFEST place in the world.

i used to live there.its a safe country bt expensive !!!

'im from philly. you would see people get beat over the head'... blood all over the place... the streets flow with blood... i expect to be bloody every time i step out my door in philly.
hahaha... i live in the oposite spot of tokyo. leave something for 2 seconds anywhere....and folks are like hoovers... sllooop.... where did my small tripod go... it was right here next to me.


hahahhahahah stop please..oh