Top 3 Fields in Which the Japanese Have Achieved Perfection (Notes from Under the Tatami Mats–12 … My Adventures in Japan)

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“A chance to relax, cleanse, and invigorate yourself.”

Just tell us when and where. Precisely.

Regarding Japanese delivery services – Every spring, my friends and I took a week-long cycling tour through distant parts of the country. At the end of the trip, instead of taking our gear / bags on the plane and lugging them home, we’d send them back by the Takkyubin courier service, from the inn where we happened to be staying on that final eve.    

The manager of the inn would ask for our home address and take our fee, then ask us what date and time we wanted it delivered. We’d reply … “On Thursday, 4 May, at around 11:30 a.m.” 

Our luggage went one way (to the courier and beyond) and we went another way (to the airport).  Later that eve, we would arrive back home. 

Without fail, the next day, Thursday, 4 May, at about 11:28 a.m., the doorbell would ring. Our cycling gear had arrived – on time.   (Image source)

Just relax. Extremely, blissfully, and idyllically.

But it is in the art of bathing that they have reached the absolute zenith. While nowadays many Japanese just take a daily shower, the Japanese bath is still the ultimate in relaxation, and most people will take a long, relaxing bath every now and then. I knew several businessmen who would take an extra-long lunch hour every day – in the public bath house around the corner from their office.

Whether at a hot spring (onsen), at a neighborhood public bath house (sento) or a long soak in the bathtub at home (a basic o-furo), a bath is a chance to relax, cleanse, and invigorate yourself.

You first shower or wash yourself, then soak in the hot tub, cool off in the cold-water tub, sweat it out in a steam sauna or dry sauna, and take a liquid beating in the jet-bath jacuzzi.    

Repeat as desired, for over an hour. (The ideal duration is 2 hours … or more. My personal record is 5 hours. Five glorious hours.)

You’ll end up feeling like a new person. Refreshed, relaxed, revitalized, and thoroughly clean. (Image source)

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5 hours of bathing !!! It would have been really inspiring. I have always heard the Japanese bathing techniques, really refresh you and make you feel energetic through out the day.

The Delivery service also looks awesome.

However, I was more intrigued by the second point in your Index for this post "The Zen Garden". Please let me know what is the Zen Garden all about?


Simplicity, peace, and tranquility. That's what you get in the typical Zen garden.

(But check out the horror story re Zen garden in the following post.)


I have never read an horror story from you

Waiting with bated breath :)


It's posted. The horror story is short but horrible. Zen garden ... with LOUDSPEAKERS!!!!!!!!!

And there's another horror story about Japanese orthodontics. Ugh.

By the way, as an English teacher, I'd like to commend you on your proper spelling / usage of "bated." :-) Most people use "baited." Ugh.


Thank you for the appreciation.

This shows the use of vowels in the English language. Baited and bated has only the difference of the vowel "i" and hence I believe people who are not well versed in the usage of vowels would not say it properly


I read the horror story and have shared my comments in that post Sir. Apologize for not being active for the past two - three days , as I had family issues to take off :(

Good thing is discussed by japan. I read and get some knowledge about japan. The progress of Japan since the last war has been as startling to my countrymen a to the rest of the world

Goid way of describing about Japan.I sometimes thought I was there with you.

So informating post about japan. I think japan acheived much more than others. In every field of science and art japanies had done well and also doing well.

Worth spending few minutes to read this beautiful article.

very informative post about Japan. Japan is a traditional country. Your language training is doing a great job. Thanks for sharing.

great post...

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Wow! This is worth trying out.
Just one question though out of curiosity; are there mixed public bath houses?