Bottom 2 Worst Foreign Columnists in The Japan Times (Notes from Under the Tatami Mats–47 … My Adventures in Japan)

in japan •  6 months ago

“Shameless and pointless name-dropping.”

"Atrocious juvenile tripe.”

Rendezvous with drivel

Rendezvous was a pathetically dull column in which Jane Rees related trivial, insignificant facts about her and her family’s hobnobbing with the elite, the affluent, and the titled of Japan, as well as with their international counterparts, and about the constant round of dull occasions and boring festivities to which they invited each other.

Shameless and pointless name-dropping, padded with hollow praise, presented in a nondescript style totally devoid of any worthwhile content. Barely readable.      (Image source)

Japan Lite is too much

Amy Chavez’s column was atrocious, juvenile tripe, totally lacking any redeeming qualities. Granted, she may have had a few ideas, but her ideas were singularly banal, puerile, and uninspired. Her embarrassing attempts to sound insightful, perceptive, and witty proved only that she was trying very, very hard to do so. 

Her column was insulting, humiliating, and degrading – to her, to all foreigners in Japan, to any foreigner anywhere, to the Japanese, to the human race, to the Japan Times newspaper, and to paper in general. Unbearably insipid and unreadable.       (Image source)

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I wish you could quote some actual examples. Failing that, you could perhaps provide links to the content you are criticizing. That would be much more convincing. Or perhaps you are afraid of being sued?


No, I'm simply presenting some lists / insights into my experiences. Why would anyone sue me for that?

As for links, I used to read those columns (or try to read them) before the internet boom, so those columns cannot be found online.

But, if you want, you can google those writers yourself and find whatever info is available about them.

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