Kobe Night View and enjoying Kobe Premium Beef

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The night view of Kobe is among the Top 3 Night Views of Japan, together with Hakodate as seen from Mount Hakodate in Hokkaido, and Nagasaki as seen from Mount Inasa in Nagasaki. All of them are also known as ten million dollar views for the high costs needed to maintain the views.

We were at the seaside near Harborland with a nice view of the Kobe Port Tower at night. The tower has a unique shape and is designed to look like a Japanese traditional drum. The 108 tower has an observatory floor and a 360 rotating cage at the top.

As usual, our iPhone camera wasn't good enough and the captured photos did not do justice to the beautiful night view.

After spending time admiring the night view and just walking along the seaside, we went to the nearby Kobe Harborland for dinner. This is one of the major shopping and entertainment district in the area with lots of malls and restaurants.

Being in Kobe, we really wanted to try some Kobe premium beef and decided on a specialise restaurant for some sukiyaki.

The premium kobe beef wasn't cheap and didn't quite match our expectations. Should have gone for grilled instead of sukiyaki.

Kobe is just a 45 minutes train ride from Osaka. If you are in the Kansai area, do remember to visit Kobe for a day trip. There are lots of shopping and sightseeing attractions here.

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夜景がキレイだし、お肉も美味しそう^ ^

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delicious food back against the beautiful scenery! how happy you are!

Yes, phone cameras are convenient, but limited especially in the evenings. I heard about Kobe beef being expensive. Sorry to hear that it fall short of your expectations.

Great views on your photos and premium beef meal.

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