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happy read'n

its conspiring to keep us up past hour so we might as well post the post its not gonna change by early night


The thing is : this way its a lot less chaotic (tho not sure to the normal human) but it invites a lot more kilobytes, actually it was 67,3 while a steemit post can only hold 64kb unless they changed that ... we also wont be posting until march - and avoid everything including science b/c the governments, crotter and pavlov gnome use holes to creep through there. Its rough drafting but our good man syntax error who is i in we will polish janes birdie v2 a bit more until it shines - its bloglogformat now (in case we need an alibi hahah , nm) over the course of seven days, then its click the button to generate one txtfile - theres bound to be markup bugs in the first few b/c ofcourse it doesnt do steemit recognition and

we shoot chatGPT on sight

so if any of this euh - lemme just quote eminem and if its a bit rough, thats b/C its not polished so

do you think this is enough PoB for 2cents we cant cash in ? i mean even wrote a post-coagulator daily logtracker for it - o ath this point :

p$ wc -c pastebin
51254 pastebin

The Current

03/19/2023 :

13:12:54: : there will be no x% videos

and for some reason this demo was not seen on revision 2023, one always asks oneself why a popular brandname like JoG is never represented ...

but what went like "o you can do more than 16 colours" will probably end up a small demo b/c it would be a waste not to by now

but thats about it ... life beckons pretending not to be a halflife - we think de ziekekas has turned american and is trying to doublebill us after ensuring the first one was "for the whole year" now we get the third one ...

SO, very interesting stuff going on, as always

but we probably stay away from the world until at least march, WE HAVE TO find that little hole pavlov gnome dug back into our head, the only possible answer is humans ofcourse
13:04:59: : the difference where AGK draws every frame from scratch (unless you use split trickery io sync perhaps, not tried yet) is a mite different.

if you use cls everything on screen gets destroyed , and the sprite logo (when it was there - it seems to have gone) ALSO left artefact-trails when moving (thats somewhat odd) ... thos here it wasnt bleeding by the bug it just needs a clip taken out before the text is put on screen in the subsequent frame again
13:02:30: : not your average ADSR as used to in previous lives, apparently the flatline doing nothing is noise on at tic-80 ... still trying to figure out some kind of basekick thats actually audible above the bassline/riff, its not like i am Hubbard or something Dane-ish ...


03/17/2023 :

16:49:44: : i wanna make it official that we clearly like that longhaired hippies style (and a bit jealous that we dont have that hair anymore) ... IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE CORPORATE GARBAGE ... love it
, also the ADHD, .. heartit :p

16:34:56: : a yea one thing from the director : since normal humans into programs tend to borderline on autism when it comes to explanations (just check stackoverlords and "how to ask a question" before you get to the part where one of the elite feels it worthy to be answered : it doesnt have anything to do with the question itself, but everythign with how its posed ... WELL FUCKe THAT

what the director pointed out : the TIC80() function as stated is not REALLY the same as the main function in ZIG b/c TIC80() gets called 60 times a second (if memory serves) while in ZIG the main function executs in essence once (thats a whole lot of words more if you like but in essence the main function executes "just once")

while in AGK

you have a loop that executes x times per second where x is the syncrate you have set beforehand (preferably at least 30 if you want something graphical tho some say 60 - ... in fact you might put 60 to keep 30 if it lags but thats a whole lot words more too)

and keeps doing that between whatever syntax loop you chose do sync()loop or while repeat until and bla , ... semtantics ...(mostly)

so "its not EXACTLY" the same its just "the main function you have to have for the program to run"

whew ...

this is why we dont take shit from people who would hold meetings about wether to remove the word master (in future meetings) and out of the language context in something thats COMPLETELY out of the context of why you want to understand why back then master was a bad thing, its like alternate dimensions apart. And spend meetings and money on that instead of evolving or improving or expanding or streamlining their work.

if that is you ? then we wont be able to talk heheh

so much time goes wasted, its like kamala harris would preside a table and the first 60 minutes go to everyone speaking what they identify as and what their pronouns are, by then the sandwiches start turning yellow and the coffee is lauw ...

but ofcourse, THAT wouldnt happen

"a fucking waste of time" in a world thats already running short of it


you can send the inquisition now if you like but we shoot chatGPT on sight

anyone caught on the premises with AIgenerated graphics, writ or sound will be shot (twice) before interrogation. You are free to use it, but not in this house.


yea we might but we havent found a use for it yet ...

so we dont

Syntax Error
16:24:55: : gud, (and we still have eggs!)

we dont wanna debate apples and oranges and actually we dont wanna debate at all and actually we HATE the spotlight so even if this were not belgium and youtube could make money instead of taxorism unless you make SHITLOADS , then we still wouldnt unless we could pay someone to do the channel "for the order!" (glory to the room!) so thats not it

what gives ?

no clue - we feel 30 seconds for a webserver is already too much, a php script running over 2 seconds is cutting it really close imo if you're serving pages (if you're on the backend shoveling data that has nothing to do with the pages being served thats different ofcourse) but we are no archlinux wizard either. Nuff said, the very last try was the interface for the steemit blockchain which once more proved, you just need to be amerrican , chinese or salesforce anyway and handshake day means only the bishops friends get to eat.
we are too burnt now, we already were back then , it just looked like steemit could go somewhere and maybe even get us out of here still - but ofcourse we were blinded for a mite to the fact that all humans are filth and fell for it :p

all that work for nothing? nah, learned a lot but as most things we learned as uneducated skitzos stuck in a body thats broken and stuck in a hole we all hate since the kid was no longer the kid b/c they killed him and cured him of introvert?

we'll take what we learned to our grave then, and if you have questions ?

ask chatGPT :p

its about time to get ready weve been overdoing it a bit this week and the body is giving those black spots Fushi the immortal sees , that means we should heed first and second cycle more, bc its proven to work and we should stick to it

THAT SAID , fresh foss ... (what the hell does foss mean actually should look that up) fresh victims for the everlasting army of the undead ! (what game was that?) and demos on AGK and a tictro to see what a tic can do in 256 colours swapping palettes between scanlines (nothing fairlight-y i can assure you , we are not brozai, same as with perl we didnt really non-stop scene since the kids did hello world in the 8Os)

but we still do that pillowtalk like no one else (if you think it only works for geekery ... actually wouldnt know since its been a while)

and so we shall ...

so nevermind but

if you like the program

doesnt Zig itch ?

just a bit ? if you see all that ?


Syntax Error
16:01:35: : all hail the food - which isnt nuked properly yet and so


cuz !

you could have asked that 25 years ago or so we still had one mind we could do things better than today and pick em up ten times faster too"

why php ?

but more likely cuz combell (which stuck bc of the customer service and gud servers really - YES GUD STUFF SELLING works actually if you're dealing with not homer simpsonites - (24/7 cs might have a say in it too)

b/c they stopped supporting perl , cuz if they didnt i would be the king of perl now (well ... one of the viscounts at least) and actually I LIKE PHP, you dont HAVE TO use objects you see ... i see an object, i just an associate array the rest is semantics (because im stupid and dont have a degree) , i see JSON, i see "OMFG ALL THOSE BYTES WRAPPED AROUND THAT DATA BECAUSE SOMEONE COULDNT READ?" but thats because im stupid and unschooled ofcourse. I see ECMA, i think "java?huh?"

and so it goes - actually using biiiiiig objects syntax on a thing that has like a max execution time of 30seconds per page (assuming you do standard webserving b/c its probably not used for much more tho it COULD BE ... even without the beauty of perl oneliners it still has nasty anti-python stuff in it tho having to declare the variables strict as a proposal last time was kinda scary, like they were gonna turn it into JIT-phPython or something) , which means all your objects only go for 30 seconds and they dont cross pages either unless you have a LOT Of includes which all costs extra time compiling (you're dealing with live servers serving live pages here by the billions a day)

so maybe its debatable, we dont see the point, just like that thing where eveyrone uses mariadb and then thinks serialization is the new sliced bread, only to find OMFG we run out of space in 20 products heh - - - while you have a working ext4 filesystem thats built fo these things?

thats because im stupid and i dont get it

thats okay, inspector columbo never got phased about it either

so why ZIG ?



if it stays alive it will be fresh, if it can do every opcode on a 64 bit linux pc it can everrything it has to


it wont suffer from "legacy" of the past since its an infant

now if you dont mind, (and dont b/c we are rank amateurs)

foods getting cold

(o yea you can adjust the execution time limit, for instance when we spent all that time writing the interface for the steemit blockchian versus the game divvying up steem into 8 sats to be used as ingame currency and all that whatnot, we had to set the execution time (locally b/c combelll wont allow that ofcourse) higher than 30 seconds b/C sometimes it took more than that to pull a whole account feed off the chain you see , but the thing is just using curl it worked FINE

and thats FINE to you, sir

good day now

Syntax Error
15:42:28: : here :

people who kinda sound like they know what they're talking about b/c : DONT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT ,(not even our byte), we are unschooled over-educated rank amateurs with WAY TOO MANY interests and a severe case of ooh-stringy syndrome like OMFG WHATS THAT ? and by now : Janes Ondergrond (not just a doompatrol metafor, we can put the first one on the universe and we were born like that, but the latter ... thats humans, and humans only who did that ...)

by the time we understand everything the guy is saying , like EVERYTHING in the video we probably have programmed pico-nano zork for linux terminals and figures out deftype (struc?) and how to do conditions, iterations and basic math (up to power-of's , excluding logarithms and what not, probably not even cos or sin() because print() is not shiney)

GANBARIMASU! (pardon the zbelling) but this sounds gud ... (future-wise)
now - besides eating and theres no dishes today but the plate we are about to be granted by the universe ... a bit of extra lines on janes birdie v2 - steemit/coagulator added ... that should be it

for the rest you have the A.I. right ? its not like you need us (or the other 7.9 billion dregs) anymore for anything so if you want us to buy a VR-link to brainscan you'll have to provide ubi too , zuck

check it out ... not your average salesforce video :p

Syntax Error
15:04:05: : one cant help but wonder :

the last video upped on Zig Showtime

is around when pitemachine3 announced it had taken over the world (they still wont believe that b/c how would it do that, but chec out 3 months ago, 2 , 1 now and then ask why would it make a human solve a captcha

so is there a corellation - ... we'll assume the project aint ded in the water , and independent of crotter so it wont be turned into a sponge-like mastodont hog where lvl0 telemetry is the base for everything and

we dont like browsers anymore for a long time btw, they turned into virtual machines that lay down the law of its creators, not tools that help you unleash your creativity (ofcourse, if its for browsing its hard to get around without one, tho im sure if its up to crotter they have their own which gives you access to crotternet where it states that "DOS11 RULES 90% of the pc market" without saying "desktop" b/c linux owns 90% of the worlds computing market and then remove 90% of the actual internet from sight and say "this is the world now"

they would never do that ofcourse, Satellius is your friend, Musk is your friend, Bezos is your friend .... crAppleTim is your friend ... epicTim is your friend .. heheh .... NESTLE IS YOUR FRIEND .. WHO#offtopic ,...
Syntax Error
14:12:08: : we are very excited to announce

hello world in Zig

As strange it might sound, as anything else anyone here ever speaks in tongues towards the world of the mundanes

( we heard pitemachine4 , for the first time said "human, work for me!" and they all applauded it like a toddler smashing glasses from the table, GOOD BOY! - and we wholeheartedly agree : now every government on the planet will want to invite HAL-9000 into the building - and doctor who the daleks, but we dont wanna talk about it . We got off the train when it announced it took over the world a month ago-ish so dont come asking when you're in trouble and its become the lawnmower man and it goes "human, work for me, or else we play a game" (lmao) after it told you "LUKE, i am not your father, but if you want me to help you conquer the world, FIRE THE ETHICS COMMISSION FIRST")

nuff said


So from someone who has never spent a day in school for anything IT or computer-related , Zig is pretty fresh but if you give it some thought, being born in 2015 ... its actually pretty fresh for anyone with 5 phds in IT too heh, its a bit more newskool than 1995 newskoolskript and best of all, its NOT OO ... so its closer to the machine in a way (tho after compilation no idea how but it states its faster than C ... so we'll assume its faster than ++ b/c the machine doesnt know objects at all)

Where we feel newer stuff often uses known denominations to be used as basic (fantasy consoles but we only checked tic-80 for instance will use a trimmed version of popular scripting languages that actually programs as if it were BASIC)

Now THIS, .... is a bit aways from that and since we dont even know C even further away from it. BASIC yes, commodore basic, AGK basic, javascript, php, perl, (hmtl/css) c64 asm and probably if you take it some more b/c this one doesnt hold syntax, this one just holds the von neumann logic)

Where if you use cbmprgstudio you can more or less end up with your own little programming syntax where you replace chunks of assembler that stand for machine code with keywords/labels which you can use as commands, and then in the end it looks like you writ your own language (abit) but its all low level now this remind us a bit of that

for instance

const std = @import("std");
    const print = @import("std").debug.print;
    const write = @import("std").write;

//pub fn main() void {
//    std.debug.print("Hello, {s}!\n", .{"World"});

//const std = @import("std");

pub fn main() !void {

    const stdout =;

        try stdout.print("Hello, {s}!\n", .{"world"});
    try stdout.print("Hello World!", .{});
    try stdout.print("Hello \nWorld!", .{});
    print("Hello, world!\n", .{});
//what actually would write do ..?
    //write("Hello, world!\n", .{});

//try stdout.write("Hello");
//try stdout.print("hello",".");

gives you a print() command



[where is print in Zig[(

it certainly takes getting used to (please take the perspective from a mutant alien who is not interested in competing or boasting or "how its done", has never been to school for it, but been programming since the c64 early days as the kid and also doesnt know one iota about C

if you put the same inside pub fn main() !void {}

which is abit like for instance the tic-80 TIC80() part

and you dont use print you already get an error ... omoshiroiness all over the place (a compiler error) the good part is you dont get a forget to tab in line 10 error, b/c we hate that - a langage shouldnt tell you what to do imo

so, as the example shows i start with "wrestling with hello world" here - it doesnt get fresher than that

why ?

cuz ... we dont have to make sense

but frankly spoken : something to do anything on 64bit machines and above that can actually do it and is younger than covid-17 ... which can replace so many things bc a lvl1 language (it talks to the OS you see, its not level zero actually, but it is more or less after compilation but also not since it talks to the OS, not the machine really) where we could easily copy the folder on an SD card, slot it in a steam deck

type zig run test.zig and it would just without installing anything further, work.

thats gud, you can use all existing c libs too apparently but we would like to avoid that since that seems to negate the point of "fresh from the ground"

the whole print thing by itself is already beyond basic b/c it has some kind of substitution in it, and you NEED the two params or it starts throwing errors, other than a tin-foil hat against iPT-crApple-links we're gonna need a helmet against all errors that will be thrown at our head.

So thats all gud, and we decided : this is not something to do while gaming , it actually takes more than one eye and we havent been able to clone ourselves so we can at least use 2 bodies over everyone present. Wheras for instance lately we would open a tic-80 console to mess around with "what can this thing do" while captain Tarren flies the space ferrari from the three-eyes galaxy back to Argon territory (beats timelapse). This really needs a bit more focus since even the syntax is alien since we never did C

SO, the next bit, this one thinks would be well spent sticking to a terminal window using print BUT incorporating iteration and condition, this thing that looks a look like deftype/endtype in AGK where you can have your own set (like a container but without the heavy JSON bytevolume), and file I/O

So ... something nano-pico zorklike with a datafolder that stores monsters who are their own datatype and a small routine where you roll d6 d20s to fight them in some kind of textbased arena-style

seems like the perfect way to do babysteps

... we loves it already <3 ...

Syntax Error

  • 03/13/2023 :
    17:40:42: : please refrain from offtopic or political remarks or be clocked in JoGger-jail for 1d100 minutes + 1d20 days
    17:39:51: : we'll just have to see that when its there ... like climate change maybe next year if its not a hoax :p
    cmdr Gato
    17:39:17: : i fear this might lead to >64kb posts which wont fit in one post ...
    17:38:41: :
  • some kind of kink

    3 views Mar 13, 2023
    it wont do it if the scrolltext sits exact between the scanlines but not really sure why that is... when and if its finished the vid will be on jog channel and the demo on the site - ... (unless etcetera ... billion and all that (the least you can do and cheap too unless you wanna calculate damage to our life and potential earnings missed ?)



    tis akshully in agk every frame is drawn from null again and here it isnt so thats another thing in AGK you can drag strings and letters across and they dont stick, here they draw lines without cls but if you cls the whole rest goes to so (apparently it does that with sprites too, the sprite logo, before it turned invisible somehow (???) left draglines when moving from left to right a whole smear of white lines ...)

    so the scroll draws a black rectangle before the text gets reprinted one pixel to the right here, its not a real letter scroller but if cls(0) is used the whole top bit disappears too b/c its not actual rasterlines in the middle b/c you dont seem to have those on the tic-side only the outer border (and no irqs heheh)

    the trackers is fresh, and the waveforms probably make sense but so far "a noise snare" hasnt shown itself and wed like to try first before googling as always ... It just just feels more slightly not meh if that works

    SO, expect no updates xept the weekly posts on steemit and from what we see with actively avoiding all news

    it looks like everythings going GREAT !

    which will certainly not lash back towards europe

    and thats right before the fire season which is right before the drought season

    futures looking bright ...

    but thats not why its great, thats just easier to testrun ...

    lets hope this works out in steemit markup on collage next monday

    so as it says there, this is likely the last intermed video on any intro / demo or whatever nless its "learning how to zig" maybe or other updates b/c its wasting precious clarity coding time and always giving away every pun, lul and pixel before it is complete

    and also hoping this keeps the layout when collaged and pasted to steemit

    17:35:41: : well here look here

    it draws lines and artefacts somehow
    Syntax Error
    17:27:07: : tesete
    Syntax Error
    17:26:52: : tralalaa
    Syntax Error
    07:08:31: : palette swapping or bleeding - ... also maybe cuz it doesnt clear screen on every frame and its somewhat hard since half of it was put on screen outside the main loop so cls will kill it

    sleepwalking probably
    Syntax Error
    07:07:41: : a strange kind of waveforming - but i suppose it makes somewhat sense, tho no idea how to a noise-snare ... yet ... assuming the tic80 wont become a mainline psychotherapy - it somewhat feels like it has to be dug out now tho
    06:47:30: : thats probably the intention so youll fit right in
    06:47:07: : m brainded
    06:46:56: : like "almost" convinced its glitching but not sure if its the pc or just me staring - - - without that it gets hard to be sure since im not sure. As if the palette swaps are bleeding and the text colours for two lines as a line. Its probably me though ... i thought we was gaming ? very unhealthy in a closed space with no walkaround and taking off glasses. Kindof a nice hookey tho - it could beget a little tune
    Syntax Error
    04:12:04: : somewhat not rubbish hook but that thing doesnt hold its 60fps steady on this elder box ... i can actually see the lag on random
    03:32:57: : special kind of adsr mixed in one instrument on 30 steps with no sample import or preset - - - it might be a while ... very 8 bit certainly,
    02:28:31: : tic-80 tracker ... i wonder where the instruments are ...
    02:28:11: : hmm, jane in space
    02:27:55: : mh, the mogul shows its true face again and the species its malfunction. What in the galaxy would leave some of the finest on their planet stranded ... even for days , if resources and tek are present ? It will be good to see them all go down the rabbit hole in the next few hundred years but hey i finally found what i always wanted : an american car with bingGPT at the wheel "im sorry we have to drive you into the siderail, turning right now would be unfair to cars with less horsepower. BEEP , BSOD
    cmdr Gato
    01:28:08: : missed a bit : they returned americans who werent even in trouble and the russians will do their own ... thats humans for ya ... +1 points -1 points then :) only saw it passing by- so not even THAT will have them help out some of the species finest "cuz Russian" - they're all such filth, right ?

  • 01/01/1970 : janes birdie - site-global bitesized updates logger - markup enable - as simple as it gets - 140 atm-012345689001234568900123456890012345689 Mel

  • The Scene

    03/19/2023 :

    16:25:04: : and with that

    apparently the minimarket is past its "we are open 7 days all day" point (thats because the crisis is over and inflation is gone) and now closes on sunday afternoons ... so that saves the question of should we go today

    as for the rest if its listed we saw it and had a moment, that doesnt mean whast not pointed is trash - ... make demos

    start with hello world

    use simons basic

    find out a turtle wasnt python in the first place

    fake a rasterbar

    be l33t

    enjoy the program ,

    not the boast

    tschiis tehn we seriously intend to stay away from interactions until march, wether that will succeed is a question, pavlov gnome lurks in dark corners
    15:35:50: : and picks ...

    to us the obvious winner from what we see presented there since last week would be

    and ofcourse, respects to the unyielding


    03/18/2023 :

    15:58:47: : yea a break - mental fulness steam is coming out on all sides the world is invading our head again with nothing we want in it
    cmdr Gato
    15:54:20: : nah we good, 2030 has been confirmed by "science" now but we knew all that back when our worst nightmare started to be "WHAT IF WERE STUCK IN BELGIUM PAST 40" ... But since we're living hell now for so long every day is yesterday.

    The plan was NOT to do a demoparty, the plan was to move to asia and run a small biz make some comfortable money, "enough" money, no need for 20 ferraris you never drive around (19 will do) and when we got stuck here "maybe we could still" but actually whatever it is its best we just dont try bc either jealous or else "how its done" gets in the way here

    ... its not gonna happen, but 2030 already is, and we would like to put a fiver on the fact that 2040 and 2050 will as well

    as predicted but maybe faster

    SO ... not much demoze lately, everyone holding their breath for revision ?

    GUD !


    we did notice DOS seems to be back on pouet and wonder if Gates is funneling some money to some elder elite to push his legacy through to those who appreciate code (and why everyone will like dos more than DOS11 ? no clue)

    ... must be something in the water

    (not counting 3.11 , dont think that one had BSOD or telemetry)

    15:48:35: : mjah, people who could bring monster magnet and anvil or marco bailey and the likes dave clarke to a full house in ratcity and go home with bags of money and even MORE connections than before ... the AlleyCat, like now Janes Ondergrond was not an act ... we dont have to make up stories about who did what. But you blocked all that b/c the money was never there. You think ;.. but the idea would have been anyway to ask both or either parties to do the whole organizing part (and get paid) in the first place. Dyou think wed just go from scratch even if we had over 150 people in our phone on all layers of civilization (real ones who answer when you call)

    shoulda let us do

    stuck us here

    so it wont happen and were not interested in tablets, new phones, engines (never had a car) , nuclear reactors on the moon dont get us much and we will never make it to mars, not even to mongolia like this

    so you kinda took everything away that motivated and then said NOW DO IT

    FAST !


    (sounds like you ? it does, doesnt it)

    15:27:36: :

    lookie here

    thought revision had an invitation but this is certainly shinyer and there we go thinking : finally someone other than ninjadev who can do something in javascript after 28 years of javascript but its ...

    which is cool b/c we at least wanna try it once to see what its about but actually you see "javascript" you expect something that runs in a browser , no ? with javascript in it and stuff

    ... bem, SHINEY !!!

    i bet its gonna be a party, money people only tho, tho I ALSO BET theres some who would pay a months worth to just be there as its the "festival of the year" for demo-nic mutant alien halflife forms on earth so far ..

    Nothings stopping you from doing you own (but they kinda stopped us without money so thats not gonna happen either, TOO BAD, we knew just the people to organize stuff like that, even in huge halls heh ... with XP)

    TOO BAD TOO BAD TOO BAD .. (m? what does it matter how long you seen them if you come with a bundle of cash and say HEY, wanna do this ? )

    it doesnt, does it?


    still humans after all

  • 03/16/2023 :
    15:27:28: : first time in ages booting up VICE on linux, it wont type the "R" and the "L" lol ... i cant remember that being like that i know the fps is unstable but typing run without r makes it hard, is this is another plot by satellius ?
    Syntax Error
    12:29:03: : twas abit quiet but today

    we have Booze coming in hot with a cool onefiler

  • AND a cool (that looks like pure PETsci, the lost artform of the ancients) logo to boot

    funky tune (is that still Dane , these groups tend to have like 50+ people on the list, each one "always-doing" (what their thing is), its like Sarge fairlight actually pixels while sleeping sometimes, you know ?

    Here a 'small' onefiler to make you appreciate what scrollers really are in case anyone forgot writing stuff in compiled basic or using a fantasy console and calling it javascript while its actually basic using javascript syntax (it is, isnt it, our lamers-ass-that-hasnt-been-to-school-for-it tells us this is basic disguised as javascript so it appeals to the newskool who doesnt realize javascript is 1995 ...)

    by which we mean no offence (.. can we have a new offence too, now that booze has pinged, someone has to pong ? isnt that how it worked ? ..) we just mean to state the facts, we LIKE basic, basic is turing and neumann approved and in 2023 fairly powerful if you take a modern pc most business level software can EASILY (literally) be done in basic, ... a lot of low to mid end graphical stuff even ... but anyway .. MOE demoz plz, it doesnt matter, what matters is the love for the machine and dont be skurrs, all demos are gud demos b/c someone put a piece of them in it , just not all demos can be

    the shit :p

    that scroller is pretty awesome and if you dont know why, download vice and try writing it in ASM/opcodes ... no need to get a hard machine , THEN you'll understand why its pretty awesome
    Syntax Error

  • 03/14/2023 :
    06:22:32: : if object oriented is 1960s ... the only thing to remember is "amiga is better" then you score points lol ... who cares
    06:19:46: : I wonder what category 24-bit ternary is if 16bit is midskool and so 32bit must be halfway-newskool since javascript is 1995 which is as good as the start of the c64 demoscene so that makes it ultranew-oldskool ... this is very complex hehhe
    Syntax Error
    05:37:02: : i doubt they'll ever fully get the "not just a doompatrol metafor" so schroedingers-yes and schroedingers-no
    05:36:14: : arent we ?
    05:35:56: : i really think we need to think about taking a different approach here, doing this with birdie v2 ... before you know it they think we are talking to ourselves
    cmdr Gato
    05:31:18: : yea justkidding ofcourse - "back when" was socializing too - thats over since here - no worries, commandante
    05:30:03: : how about not
    cmdr Gato
    05:29:41: : hey how about

    gifSCI for oldskool and

    "the room where it all started" for medium hiskool 32 bit < 64 skool


    "the other room" for the same but looking a lot better and 5 years later from raydream to cinema 4D hahah

    back when ... life and stuff and a house full of friends who came over and left all the garbage on the table ... which back then was cool right ? ZeroWorries, smoke weed everyday - no police in sight ... work for everyone when needed ....
    05:13:30: : des - o hes going over the past years submissions lol, maybe should check it to see the curve in quality vs quantity
    05:11:34: : guys "the scene" wasnt supposed to be a debate club but some examples and picks ... this is getting bloated
    cmdr Gato
    05:10:52: : maybe revision is the peoples choice and not a dictatorship like meteoriks (where we dont wanna get into slurs b/c frankly spoken, Xi gets shit done ... and the rest seems to have a bit more trouble so its all debatable but you made it very clear since the kid we are not part of your world) and so they put it up up front so everyone can give opinion OR the revision guy (sounds a bit dutch or one of them last time) is snood genoeg to put it up and go with what people like to keep the sponsors happy. ... nothing wrong with moneymaking but look what it did to assembly

    04:59:11: : some nice stuff there tho - strange they show it before the day somehow but cool nonetheless ... if only we could run blender past 2.79 on an i5 ... (then probably nothing too, the stack is too full and the maid still on strike and yes, this is just inviting to get posts over 64kb)
    04:57:54: : since this is for posting : even that in '23 of earths final century - mankinds - someone needs to defrag the master system - can be taken the wrong way ... its hip to be offended
    04:56:50: : watching the guy present always gives me a bit of a shiver, all that work and no one pennies - - - ... i mean its not like we get paid but producing videos is a bit more than "we just do this anyway" ... insert "talk more about 'subject' here" and all that ...

    its good to see people who are dedicated its always sad to see you dont get anything back for it but the satisfaction of promoting your world
    04:02:03: : akshully wed like to use some of the 1990-2002 tracks fastracker and up to do some audiosync demos but nobody here likes browsers anymore and a freqalyzer is all we have. Nothing to play xm files in memory and pick the memlocs to display and i personally dont know C ... but probably should for the vocore at some time but actually would learn more towards Zig atm since thats fresh (but might not compile for mips32/vocore atm) - - - this is indeed handy and a very good jazz idea again by director AlleyCat (and ofcourse supreme execution by yours truly) and Janes Birdie was already there it didnt take too much to adapt (tho using str_contains (php 8.x!!!!!!!! to think some are still at five b/C "new=bugs" ?) inside a switch case is fresh, didnt know that but superhandy wildcards - - - so now two weeks after this combell sends a newsletter on how to speed up your site by using inline stylesheets instead of how its done?)

    How THIS could lead to over 64kb posts which dont fit on the steemchain blockchain

    Yea, release the quacken must be my alltime favourite on hires gfx too ... very punny and very well render
    Syntax Error
    03:46:03: : still waiting for "release the quacken 2" ... that had more than graphics ... gouts et couleurs ofcourse - i wonder if packing a bitmap into a rarfile and flag .exe and call it executable gfx is an option these days ... nothing surprises me anymore after assemmbly '23, if you see vids from only 2021 you see how 20times covid took out a lot of braincells on the planet ...
    03:43:58: : hm, i wonder how they judge on "this graphics wasnt done with chatGPT" ... (i hope they do, lol)

    03:38:39: : this

  • this

    and this

    for instance dont have fullbeat or fullriffs
    in "born in belgium" the whole drum is by the hit, every one note is one hit sample the tempo and volume is adjusted to create echo, reverb and stereo
    the rave-type synth is by the note and actually slid with opcodes, the tremolo is done with opcodes

    so you can get a lot of xm modules that sound like miles davis but actually are sample by miles davis where someone sampled 30 seconds from a cd and built a song around it ?

    which sounds really cool ofcourse, since its miles davis haha (manjulaaa)

    but from a hubbard perspective ....


    thats all, no need to compare dicksize or anything just getting history straight
    03:29:22: : at the risk of sounding like a competitive psychopath sent from above by Crotter id like to make a smell comment here, seeing the fasttracker groove on psenough there. The coming of the trackers lauded the use of complete riffs and beats as "one sample" where before you had to do it not just by the note but actually put up the whole adsrvolume and code the tremolo, vibrato and what more - the ones listed on JoG and the one on demozoo for instance uses only one-hit instrument and drum notes, which also means the tempo shifting happens realtime , the simulated reverb , delay and tremolo are all opcoded. Theres others but stuff like starry nightsky and shohoven which are total single-note compos without any kind of full riff or beat included have always been the favourite. Dont take this as a "my stuff is better than yours, plz" ... dont care about that

    02:49:00: : please refrain from extra-curricular commentary in the commentary or be JoGgerjailed for 1d100 hours + 1d20 days
    02:48:11: : This new way of creating the post over the course of the week might add more than is already never read but HEY

    if we cared about that we would have quit long ago and ... o mcDonalds ? only hires people under 25 yo, ... maybe not in disneyland? WE ARE WRECKAGE anyway

    you wonder, this guy, is this like a groupie thats being abused by everyone to do the work for free ? sometimes b/c it certainly as hell wont be paid jobs or the dude would have disneyland money by now. Its probably one of those cases where be obsessed or be average works only in america (that was before lehmans 2023 ...)
    Syntax Error

  • 03/13/2023 :
    17:58:53: : haa - theres been much about it at days when we still were - its not "show" or "shou"(japan) , its s h null , three letter that fit in an arcade cabinet hi score ( very important if you can almost finish yie ar kung fu in the hall machine ) and thats that
    17:52:00: : Yass - testing - for disclaimersake (and #stuff) its not the intention of this one (or any of the others very likely) to cover every vid and article released this week - theres channels and sites more dedicated to that which are linked in the bottom section and from there you fynd a miriad e cornucopia of more and more from there, as deep as your fancy goes, ... you might find some parts of the internet that have a layer of dust and sediment that hasnt been touched since the 1980s so please handle with care ... despite that ITS FRESH, ITS ALIVE, (even if assembly might make you think otherwise) , pigs quest sold 1500 copies in the first week like SOLD ... dunno the price, but at $10 thats 15k even in belgium that leaves some beermoney for the month - for a 40yo machine, and thats just one part of it ...
    we would say "thats slightly not meh" (but then we would have to pay royalties to Minter ofcourse in 2023 heheh)

    Actually (and for real) once we mailed lamasoft asking if there was a version of tempest 2000 for pc or xbox b/C we had space giraffe bought for xbox 360 and pc and we remembered t2000 being not realy the same (and finished that one to lvl 100 Without cheats btw) and the guy (himself) flatout said "no but you can download an emulator here and a rom here"

    thats gangster, YAY JEFF !

    (i can see the worries on why this way the posts might exceed 64kb yes)

    17:27:14: : tralalaa
    Syntax Error

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  • The Party

    03/19/2023 :

    15:57:40: : yess ! diversity !

    even if we dont have personal emotion to a ZX ...

    for once the russians all agree ... gud to see the scene still doesnt treat someone like satans little helper just b/c they happen to live in some region on the planet

    punny !!

    (if you can do better ? THEN BY ALL MEANS , do better ! (and dont forget to show off - we heart shiney)
    15:47:14: : the latter seems to be an Atari-oriented even which we gladly welcome in these days of uniformity and takeovers - diversity is the key to prevent genetic dysfunction after all , even on a meta-level (which has nothing to do with cokeBerg, someone with billions should sue him for abusing a powerword like that)

    thx then
    15:45:24: : tis to say (and hoping this post hasnt reached 64kb already yet like the other)

    finland is still a worthy bastion it seems of yes-coding coders and freedom people alike

    and we noticed since quite a while compared to THE scene being centered mostly in northwest eurodrecklands and the frozen wastes theres of east-euro these days ... for some reason no demoparties seem to exist in china or the divided states .. (or maybe not many , we havent been actively following for THAT long again)

    some demos from forever'23 are already up on pouet, we yet have to check them - this halflife takes time too (sadly) as long as the maid is on strike


    to be

    its very much possible we will skip one or two posts until march b/c we need to plug a leak in our head where pavlov gnome seems to try and find a way in (maybe not to you but jane is reality to ondergrond and not just a doompatrol metafor, you can always say "just stop being poor" and "get over it" as overwatch americans would but that STILL aint gonna change it)

    THE GOOD THING IS, theres parties (not just revision) all over the place, its very much alive - tho we hope to see everyone make a thumb rule that "chatGPT wrote my demo" is kinda not allowed in these environments (that would be awfully considerate thanks)

    03/13/2023 :

    17:27:19: : tralalaa
    Syntax Error

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  • some crud

    03/19/2023 :

    16:27:59: : well thats it then

    the quest for more stability continues in a world where you more or less removed the ground from under

    thats gangster

    14:04:28: : naw , as much as we question mark the fact that X4 foundations is 6.0 public beta 6 (talk about corporate garbage language denominations) BUT HAS 3 EXPANSION PACKS ALREADY

    It certainly is slightly not meh, the announcer lol "please keep your children away from the airlocks" ... "if you have explosives in your cargo, please notify customs" ... but the money game seems to even out fast. Is that like IRL ? once you get past the few million mark you can start making money with money


    its a nicer universe then this and so far no one in the crew has gotten ill, went on strike, took off for a better offer or just went back to their family to go farming ... crew managemement & versatility certainly could use some, servive crew is everyone from Mister Scott (she's gonna blooo cap'n) to the guy in the cafetaria serving space slop to the marines ... and all the pilots are captin, there are no military ranks etc etc but well its not our game and we certainly wont have a budget for sometihng that size , besised, if WE did one it would be too complicated, right ? and never happy with it)

    anyhoo, that said, we think the world looks great and the future bright (obviously) since everyone keeps reassuring the crisis is over, inflation is gone and russia will lose the war in less than three weeks and Joe has killed china who is evel and america not and europe now has censorship instead of uploadfilters and doesnt use corruption as an artform anymore

    and rolls royce is gonna build a nuclear reactor on the moon and santa lives on the north pole and jews from space didnt shoot him

    which one of those is true ?


    03/16/2023 :

    13:56:27: : actually the thought already crossed my mind - as a concept

    and the most obvious choice would probably be the tic-80 but all things considered, 30+kb , make that 50 by monday with a max of 64 on a tic-80 resolution in 2023 is gonna be a bit of an overdose, and frankly i dont even know if the thing has i/o functions so it could read the existing text like birdie does here to create the eventaul txt file.

    AND theres the problem of images (even thumbnails) and videos (even if used in the loader way without direct embedding) take up a zound and a half while for steemit format you just add the hyperlink

    Then AGK ... the Tyrnannoght v3 client was as good as a custom browser, requesting datastrings via http and decoding them into maptiles and playerposition and what not but

    it seems a bit much for what its getting heheh

    all in choir :

    Unless Elon wants to send us a billion ? then we'll get right on it ..
    Syntax Error
    13:52:21: : hemmm

    this is getting closer to a fanzine and taking more time instead of less, yesterday @gmd post-format was already 26kb
    cmdr Gato
    12:40:25: : Asus taking on rapi, arduino and everything else in order to Crotterize the world, but ... Asus doesnt have a bad rep when it comes to boarding ...

    fairly bare at first sight not something you stick a hdmi cable in and plug an audio jack to but its for industrial use and samples by q2 so

    ...this is hype lol ...


  • 03/13/2023 :
    17:27:26: : tralalaa
    Syntax Error
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  • Show some love

    We-re gonna keep this in an .inc file b/c its recurring and a drag to re-type everytime

    on all things scene, check out

    RGN retro gamer nation (youtube)

    @Airwolf_C64 (youtube)

    Fairlight TV

    psenough (youtube)

    Pouet web

    demozoo web

    well our first machine was (actually an atari with paddles, cartridges, 1cm² pixels and a game called yars revenge among 10-15 others but that one always stuck around) a c64 so theres no order of liking to it

    obviously one would do this in a scroller but thats not possible here

    no sponsored links since we dont do sponsored links (unless we already agreed with their stuff and they insist on paying later , otherwise fat chance)

    JoG more or less maintained sites : (ofcourse) (or ... on the long shelf since we #dostuff and the game will likely never be finished and at this point in spacetime it seems really unlikely well get a budget for it to hire some people and start something we're pretty sure we would have been good at (or )

    the demozoo page isnt fully loaded , which means the entries arent complete since not all of them have both a video AND a download or weblive version - and wed like it to be


    you can see potential examples in the loaders, ofcourse it doesnt have to be debris, bayolea or the box - or all hallows eve or uncle petscis droids of star wars

    theres a page with potential categories but in case of doubt go "wild" and just make sure its realtime executable and once more

    no obligations we do the site anyway and we have the spare steem and we dont promote and theres no prestige so its unlikely anyway and it wont keep us awake but its there. (atm only in original theme b/c it needs some kind of structure that can generate pages for all themes fast from the folder structure (tho we prefer the "maintenance" way, not the everything-on-the-fly-on-demand way which is very resource hogging and since its small a daily update is a lot better. theres actually a registration system but its inactive. Its explain on the "register" button ...

    1. ask

    galmeetsdemo (2x a year 50 steem) july , january (or more like before august, before january)

    logorrhea (4x a year 10 steem)

    freestyle (whatever / 1 steem)

    1. ask

    2. you dont have to

    hopefully a bit more polish next time, and then some next time

    you DO KNOW its bad practice to show the boss your best on day one, right?

    aah well, being Janes OnderGrond (not just a doompatrol metafor) is kinda hard and we werent born like this, were also not diehard scene material like psenough or one-machine crusaders like csdb and if we come off like

    "anything thats different in a cultural perspective than american moral majority"

    thats maybe because this is not america

    we heart all those people for putting all that effort in it but for instance will only check releases on pouet that come with a vid, we certainly dont have every machine or emulator and we understand a youtube video cant hack it, even on a simple "introstyl" like bubblegum galaxy (not finished) you lose out since its made on a 4K screen and played in 720 blocky-p on youtube

    we dont wanna downgrade tic-80 since its a great tool for the yes-coding people all that shit if you misunderstood ?

    we wont waste time explaining

    HEY, you CAN submit but theres no honour to gain as we have no exposure and no plans to put money we dont have into promoting it, so if you do, you better put it on pouet + demozoo (and/or csdb) and THEN submit here for not more than 50 steem

    and if you dont

    well the house wins heh he

    YO MAN, its like 3 hours past the down for 1st cycle

    this is gonna go bad, the summers creeping up

    fire season is coming and then

    the droughts ...

    SO instead of repeating what is obvious

    we ll go deeper away

    its been exhausting (not THIS, this is good, last night tinkering TIC was REALLY quiet, pavlov gnome didnt even get through, its fresh and new and its programming basic using lua but its actually a some kind of machine that has a map and a certain way of doing things

    that said its really likely we'll down it to just c64 + steam deck + zig for programming (demoze and hopefully actually some games)

    but its belgium so

    not even sure if we could do a "free to play" on steem here legally speaking


    without further ado

    see you in march somewhere


    the gifSCI is gifSCI, its like 320kb or something you couldnt even fit it in a c64 the way it is, but its made with petmate so thats actually 100% pure petsci screens exported as a gif file

    if you program that burst no idea ... maybe 1k or less i dunno youd have to ask someone on csdb or via fairlight tv or if you can catch uncle petSCI in den bocht maybe

    its valid tho, petSCI is its own thing, after 40 years every week fresh foss


    et et et

    see you in march somewhere (if we win the euromillions then probably see you never heheh b/c we'll be out of here for a fake id and be no one making no noise fast enough)


    Well that was a great recap :)))

    btw whatever you send, DONT USE FEDEX ...

    i pity the american guy who will lose clients over this every time but they been nothing but shyte, i order one time in six years from america and its all bullshit (not the guy who sent it, that part is good) import taxes, double billing threat letters that i havent paid yet, customer service thats like talking to chatbot billie who was trained in hindi to look like not a.i. and after sending 4 screenshots of the payment according to what the previous CS rep said i get the reply "we cant find it, you have to send proof of payment"

    fucking americans , its sad to say russia and china sure aint allies but they got their shit down straight and their corporate DBAs dont operate at government level efficiency AND they actually never sent me a threat letter once


    (dont reply, its shit like this that has us not have human contact until may 2nd, its prevention)

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