btw whatever you send, DONT USE FEDEX ...

i pity the american guy who will lose clients over this every time but they been nothing but shyte, i order one time in six years from america and its all bullshit (not the guy who sent it, that part is good) import taxes, double billing threat letters that i havent paid yet, customer service thats like talking to chatbot billie who was trained in hindi to look like not a.i. and after sending 4 screenshots of the payment according to what the previous CS rep said i get the reply "we cant find it, you have to send proof of payment"

fucking americans , its sad to say russia and china sure aint allies but they got their shit down straight and their corporate DBAs dont operate at government level efficiency AND they actually never sent me a threat letter once


(dont reply, its shit like this that has us not have human contact until may 2nd, its prevention)

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