A Few Ambitious ReggaeSteem JAHMFEST Objectives

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ReggaeSteem JAHMFEST 2020 planning has begun!

Main Dates: June 26th to 28th
Location: Negril, Jamaica 🇯🇲
Main Venues: @MiYard, @NegrilEscape, @SeastarInn and Booby Kay (a small island near Negril)

Early-bird tickets will be available by next week!

Here’s a random list of #JAHMFEST2020 objectives circling around in our internal docs. By all means these are not concrete goals, more of what we are trying to achieve on a grand— ambitious scale.

A Few JAHMFEST Objectives (in no particular order)

  • First ReggaeSteem/Steem Caribbean Meetup
  • First (Independent) Crypto Meetup in Jamaica
  • First Tokenized Event (on Steem?) utilizing JAHM and JSNS
  • Raise Blockchain Awareness in Jamaica and the Caribbean
  • Raise Awareness of local JAHM/STEEM Merchants
  • Remove Apparent Trust Barriers
  • Attract New Investors and Merchants (Globally)
  • Introduce Negril, Jamaica as the center of Caribbean Crypto Tourism
  • Connect Local Business with Blockchain Industry Participants
  • ReggaeSteem Onboarding
  • Emphasize Power of Steem
    • Building/Connecting Communities
    • Merchant Services and Benefits
    • Powering Meetups
  • ReggaeSteem/Beachfront Crypto Branding
  • Spur JAHM Token Volatility
  • Reward JSNS Holders
  • Provide an annual stage for Steem Artistes
  • Have an epic time with friends
  • Make life-long memories
  • Convert a few hundred no-coiners

This list can go on for a while and will most likely be narrowed down or amended with new @ReggaeSteem objectives as we go forward. Stay tuned.

Happy Sunday and Jah Bless!

#OneLove #OneSteem


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looking forward for more details to come - may be hitting you up DM for this one
irie bredda

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Yeah, that article's from a few days ago; it was a quick read. Much like our BOJ initiative to "exploit" blockchain and cryptocurrencies-- they talk the talk, and that's about it. Hence, the results (or lack of).

It's up to us entrepreneurs and the private sector, no matter what they 'say'.

This sure sounds like its going to be fun. Resteemd
I love Reggaesteem for all the innovation and extras. Jahm is going to be a big deal

happy sunday interesting goals much success in your purposes ..

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Thanks dear, it’s a tokenized event so if this works out right— we all may benefit!

Cheers !BEER

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Somewhere West (pictured above) is a great option to suggest to people who will be in Negril for Taco Thursday.

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Definitely will be on the list of things to do— I love that place 🙌🏽

( https://facebook.com/SomewhereWestNegril )

Must be so nice to go abroad and visit the nice places like in the Aruba, Bermuda, Bahamas and have a grand vacation there with my someone special. And swim in their wonderful beaches there. Maybe have few drinks in their bar there. Such a nice thing and celebrate a beautiful life as well. Can spend time with my boyfriend in that resort and forget our problems for a while. I'll be his pretty mama and it will worth to spend our savings for this to get away from papers and work for a while.

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Fabulous! I love seeing the stages as it's being planned and developed 😍

this is exciting!

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