Jamaica Picture of The Day {#2}

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Thinking about a Catamaran experience. This weathered sign stands prominently on the 7 Mile Beach, Negril.

Here’s all you need to know.
The time of departure, price, the food, the drinks, the destination, who to call.

What are you waiting for. It is an experience you will cherish your entire life. It’s a memory, it’s priceless. Cost is sometimes negotiable, you need to ask.

All you need is your swim suit,
towel, and sunscreen.

Don’t forget to tip the crew.

Have a Jamaican Jahmin Time.

Tribe members, you are not obligated to upvote this post.
Feel free to remove your curation vote if you so please.

Respect ✊

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Can yall feel the 1Love in the comment section ;)?

I can imagine it. For a minute, I thought I could smell it :)
Evocative picture and words ~

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Corruption is when a photo of the day gets way more auto-upvotes and is worth far more than the efforts of most other posters here. This series is low effort and rewarded highly.

Shame on you and your curation badge!

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Take away the badge my friend.
This photo and each and everyone of the photos I have posted are authentic and have been taken by me. They are real life experiences that I have chosen to share.

You and any one else DO NOT
have to upvote this or any future posts of mine. It not a big deal.
We are talking pennies.

Do not respond. Do not care for your personal opinion.

It's your turn this time, although with the difference that you haven't received a negative vote from @crypticat y @nojahm4u. As you say, it's just pennies, but this causes discomfort as you get carried away by their sad little point of view.

He has given me two "no" votes, if that makes him happy, let him keep doing it but there will be no one left in this community with such a closed attitude which does not correspond to our Caribbean culture where support is our identity.


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