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What is @ned up to?

in itshappening •  4 months ago

I continue putting all my time into Steem, SMTs and Steem apps and believe in building a platform that bridges the world's passions with their success. brixtongg is not my account.

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@ned - Would it be fair to say that these transfers are for consultation? Or that they are being made to a consultation company, possibly a new partner of your own?


They might be payment for early investors, salary for new devs or fees for partnerships (as you have suggested).


Or they are hired to sell a big stake without to much noise

All we want as investors in Steem, both finacial and time/effort wise, is a clear non-poetic response to why you have been powering down in a mostly down market. Can't you at least create some hype behind your power down? There is green everywhere in crypto but with Steem. It seems investors might be hesitant to buy with our CEO powering down for no real clear reason. Would you recommend for people to buy Steem as your powering down? What is up duder? @ned

I really believe that steemit will allow me to make a very decent complimentary income once it really takes off....I have invest a LOT of time and relativity a lot of money (almost 2 bitcoin in 2016 which was worth almost $40,000 at one point)....I feel SMT's will really cause a lot of demand for steem and I have a feeling you guys are waiting for a nice bull market to attach your waves of good news to to help push steem up high.... I trust you to deliver.... from a little guy... I trust a portion of my future in your hands

Time to grind the 'rumor' mill to a halt...Ned is pulling out some funds to buy me a Lambo, for being such a witty contributor here on steemit.

Cheer up everyone. You might be the next recipient of such a grand reward...

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
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This basically still says nothing!

And if I were you and I would be cashing out now, I would have said exactly the same.

So we are all clueless what you are going to do with $250.000? Yeah I'm talking about real fiat money!

And @brixtongg might not be yours, it is your Steem being transferred to this account!
So it doesn't make any difference whether you first cash out and then pay someone or directly pay them in Steem. In total you have paid+ cashed over $500k.

And that is without the even bigger amounts from @steemit @steemit2 & @steemit3 that have been cashed in the last months. @berniesanders did you also notice the transactions?

In my opinion it would be best to proactively inform us about such large transactions. But even when someone asked a question about it, no answer was given. So why did you try to answer now? Was it a threat for Steemit or yourself?

What were those big transfers ?
if you know to tell us.

Thank you for your comment.

Downvoted for disagreement of rewards. That's very naughty removing your 'declined payment' from this comment.

On another topic, trending is getting stuffed with really shit posts. The community can't budge them because they are so heavily upvoted by bots. I understand that you don't want to get directly involved but the community has no way of knocking this crap back. Newcomers don't understand the bot process and actually think this is the best Steem has to offer. Can you provide some assurance that this problem is at least on your mind. Thank you.


Did you just downvote him and then ask for a favor?🤦🏻‍♂️


Yeah, it's kind of ironic isn't it.


A nice series of posts about the voting-bot problem, with an eye to the Steem Blue & White papers.


@ned as a Ceo it would be nice if you spread news, is different to a private investor.



@ned can do with his money what he wants...but he is the CEO of STINC in addition to being a token holder.

Needless to say CEO selling off his share of tokens is a signal , to say the least.

Words are words but actions have much more weight .Now I am not saying to hit the panic button and lose all confidence but there is a number where the % sell of by CEO signals low confidence in the project ,

are we there yet ? probably not
does @ned selling his token is very much same as other token holders? it is not.

What kind of business is Steemit INC. where the CEO casually cashes out all of his stake and pacifys its stake holders. Please you owe us dedicated @steemit users an explanation. We are here trying to improve a system that is not living to its full potential. With your power down @ned it leaves people questioning long term steemit viability and stability. You are single handily manipulating the market of Steem by powering down your stake and your other accounts associated directly with We are trying hard here to improve Steemit. What investor would invest into Steemit with its CEO acting weird and making promises that seem like a dangling carrot anymore... ::cough:: ::cough:: hf20. Please can you bring some ease of mind to the investors of Steemit with a logical if not clear reason why we all shouldn't abondon ship like our Captian seems to be doing?

I see many post in steemit

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