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RE: My "Convince Me" Challenge - Why I still eat meat

in #istilleatmeat3 years ago

Hi @metzli,

You are making a valid point, however, in this challenge I'm only touching upon cruelty towards animals. I'm not discarding the human factor issue, but I see them as unrelated, because as you stated it's about working conditions of humans, rather than cruelty towards animals.

Humans always have a stronger voice than animals, and humans are not being tortured or killed for their flesh. That being said, it's definitely an issue that should be addressed by everyone, not just vegans.

Personally, I buy from local farmers whenever I can, although here in Panama where I live we don't have the same issue with farm workers as in the US. When I say that I live cruelty free, I just meant that no animal suffers because of what I eat =) I hope that makes sense. Thank you very much for stopping by!

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