The strangest 4 tricks used in defense of criminals have already succeeded

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The function of lawyers is to try to acquit defendants, whether they are already innocent or guilty, and do so by using their knowledge of the law and their past experiences, but sometimes they use more than that and use strange and unexpected tricks that may confuse jurors and judges and make them take decisions to acquit the accused. Tricks used in defense of criminals have already succeeded.

           Matrix Movies 

One of the ideas on which The Matrix was based is that the hero imagines that we are in a different reality electronically, and therefore we do not know whether we are real people or not? The case was used by a lawyer to defend those charged with murder. A person named Tunda Lynn Ansley shot her home in July 2002 before her brain was washed away and managed to escape because of her defense on the pretext of insanity. 

Where her lawyer has proved to the jury that she believes in living in a simulated community like Matrix, you are committing many crimes in these films and then you get doped and go to sleep and when you wake up, think that what happened to you was a bad dream, and the lawyer used this trick after he found that not There is no motive or explanation for the murder, and this trick has already succeeded and his client escaped from prison.

            The evil twin trick

It seems that the evil twins' trick seems to fit in life as well, not only in television series, and the claim that the perpetrator of the crime is a twin sister may eventually be the solution to get rid of a crime. The sisters Sase Raj and Sabrish Raj became a legal nightmare in Malaysia in 2003, One of them was charged with trafficking about 166 kg of hashish and 1.7 kg of raw opium, while another one appeared at the house. No one was able to determine which of the sisters committed the crime and the other innocent.

            Stunt of imagination

Have you ever imagined that you killed someone? Your boss, for example? Of course we all imagine things all the time, we have absolutely nothing to do with murder, but we certainly imagine, and the trick of imagination or daydreaming was used in defense of one of the times and it really did. This trick was used when someone sexually abused a girl. He did not intend to do so just imagine it!

In 1999, Patrick Nogton committed this heinous crime and used imagination and daydreaming as a defense. He was arrested and said that in his imagination he imagined that he was having a relationship with an adult woman who appeared to be a teenager and took the defense of this lie to finally get his client five years in prison Only nine months at home, 20 thousand dollars fine.

           Sleepwalking Trick

How can a person be tried for a crime he did unconsciously? This is the question that the lawyer for Joseph Anony Mitchell filed in 2015 when he was tried for his son's murder.

When he was asleep, Mitchell killed his four-year-old son and almost did the same for his other two sons. He later confessed that he was suffering from a financial crisis and sleep problems. The defense was able to obtain a witness who admitted that the defendant had trouble sleeping. During his sleep by unreasonable acts, and when the jury chose between guilty and not guilty, the answer was not guilty.

The case of Mitchell is not the first of its kind. In 1846 he accused the Berterelle of killing a prostitute in Boston by slaughtering her, and somehow his lawyer convinced the jury that he was walking in his sleep and unaware of his crime. This was the first case in which the trick was used in the United States.


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