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RE: Islam is a backward religion? Don't upvote this post

in #islam6 years ago (edited)

His prayer will be void because he lost wudu, and to continue his prayer, he must perform wudu again.
if another Muslim is disturbed, then other Muslims may reprimand him after the prayer is over
But usually, a Muslim will withhold behavior that can harm other Muslims while worshiping.
different if it was not intentional
I should give you a flag because your question does not match the above discussion
and make it a habit to read before commenting


What was goin on with you?
are you angry because your country is not listed in a rich country?
Fuck you

I am angry because you are rich with a very poor mind. How sad. Allahu fuckbar!


trust me, because I will surely find you, if not me then my brother who will find you
I might invite you to have fun
Enjoy it :)

Let's have some fun then, we're just waiting for you. This is the best time to visit me since martial law is in full effect. I want to eat you alive. You ready to lick my balls?

Fuck you, pig, is the right name for you

you look like a child who is not educated by his mother, is it possible your mother is a whore ?? (descendants of garbage)

Profit Mohammad fucked nine year old. Not educated!


we'll see what will happen next, now do what you want while you can, but not for long.

Fuck you Mother

Mohammad fucked 9 year old. Truth hurts!


you are fucking jealous because you can't do it?
I understand it because you were born from anus pig, unfortunately it turns out your mother is a pig
and I realize that your brain is just a pig's brain, though half the human is but you do not use it
In conclusion, you are in a poor country, feeling atheist. your country is dependent on other countries, your mother is a pig and your father is a drunkard

The reason why terrorists are rich. Unfortunately they have a very poor minds.


I think you are an atheist who comes from a poor country, you do not believe in god because you are actually born from pig's anus, the result of illicit relationship when your father with pig, pity you
even an atheist I know is very respectful of the religion of others

I think you are an idiot who came from a terrorist country and you believe in some stupid shit. I hope Donald Trump and Putin will terminate you all brainless morons with nuclear bombs.


did you say your pig mother comes from mindanao? it seems clear that you and your pig mother can only hope from trump and putin, you can only hope from others, I understand it because you are only the son of a married pig of your father who is a drunk.
you claim to be an atheist, but you do not know anything about atheists

you claim to be an atheist, but you do not know anything about atheists

How about you terrorists piece of shit who don't know about your shit? LOL


it looks like you are wrong image, because that is the picture of your fucking mother and father LOL

why did you also give your mother picture to me? by writing something in your mother's body then can you fool me that it is not your fucking mother's image? LOL

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